Dark Possession audiobook – Dark, Book 18

RomanceDark Possession audiobook - Dark, Book 18
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Christine Feehan
Narrator: Jane Brown, Phil Gigante
Series: Dark
Genre: Romance
Updated: 27/12/2023
Listening Time: Unknown
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Dark Possession Audiobook by Christine Feehan: A Labyrinth of Desire and Destiny

As the first blush of dawn crept through my bedroom window, I nestled under the covers with my headphones and surrendered to the world of Dark Possession by Christine Feehan. The solitude of early morning, with its tranquil silence, seemed fitting for an audiobook steeped in romance and mystique. I’m Stephen Dale, once an author myself, now a fervent book blogger who finds solace in the spoken word.

Christine Feehan’s Dark Possession, the 18th installment in her celebrated Dark series, is a testament to her prowess in weaving tales that blur the boundaries between passion and peril. The story follows Manolito De La Cruz, a man teetering on the edge of succumbing to vampirism—a fate feared by his Carpathian kin. His unexpected summoning back home brings an even more unforeseen twist when he encounters MaryAnn Delaney, his destined life-mate.

MaryAnn is not your typical damsel; she’s a human counselor dedicated to helping abused women. Her strength lies in her compassion, yet she is no stranger to the darker impulses lurking within men—especially those as enigmatic as the Carpathians. When her journey takes her to South America under the guise of aiding victims, she falls into Manolito’s carefully woven web—a snare set with seductive intent for this alluring human female.

Phil Gigante and Jane Brown lend their voices to this tale with impeccable skill. Their narration captures every nuance of emotion—Gigante’s deep tones embody Manolito’s brooding intensity while Brown’s articulation paints MaryAnn’s resilience and warmth. They create an auditory experience that allows listeners like me to delve deep into Feehan’s world without ever leaving our own.

What I admire about Feehan is her ability to keep readers on their toes. Despite being rooted in romance fantasy—a genre often plagued by clichés—her storytelling remains fresh and unpredictable. Dark Possession exemplifies this quality beautifully; it entwines love with a sense of danger that leaves you questioning what lurks around each corner.

As I listened, cocooned in my bed with only the soft light heralding a new day as company, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own experiences with love and destiny. The characters’ struggles resonated deeply, reminding me that sometimes we must confront our darkest fears to find true connection.

And here’s some good news for fellow audiobook aficionados: Dark Possession can be yours without spending a dime at Audiobooks4soul.com. It’s a treasure trove where this gripping narrative awaits your eager ears for free—an offer as enticing as one of Manolito’s whispers in the dark.

In conclusion, Christine Feehan’s Dark Possession isn’t just another chapter in a long-standing series—it’s a portal into a realm where love battles darkness and every choice could tip the scales toward salvation or ruin. As I emerged from beneath my blankets feeling both exhilarated and contemplative, I knew this story would linger like the remnants of a powerful dream.

For those ready to plunge into an abyss where desire meets destiny head-on—your adventure begins with Dark Possession.

Happy listening,



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