Dark Side of the Moon audiobook – Dark-Hunter, Book 9, Dark-Hunter: Were-Hunter, Book 3

RomanceDark Side of the Moon audiobook - Dark-Hunter, Book 9, Dark-Hunter: Were-Hunter,...
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
Narrator: Holter Graham
Series: Dark-Hunter, Dark-Hunter: Were-Hunter
Genre: Romance
Updated: 17/02/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Dark Side of the Moon Audiobook: Nocturnal Whispers and Redemption

It was a quiet evening, one of those where the soft hum of my surroundings blended seamlessly with the rhythmic cadence of an audiobook narrator’s voice. As I settled into the familiar embrace of my reading nook, I embarked on an auditory journey with Dark Side of the Moon, guided by the nuanced tones of Holter Graham. The promise of vampiric lore interwoven with a tale of redemption intrigued me, beckoning me into Sherrilyn Kenyon’s world – a realm where shadows held secrets and every reporter’s downfall could be the prelude to an extraordinary adventure.

Sherrilyn Kenyon has a knack for conjuring worlds that straddle the fine line between fantasy and reality, and Dark Side of the Moon is no exception. This audiobook invited me into the life of Susan Michael, a once-celebrated journalist grappling with disgrace. Her yearning for a comeback mirrors my own past struggles as an author seeking to captivate an audience anew. It’s a story about second chances, set against the backdrop of Seattle’s darker corners where bloodlust lurks and immortals roam.

Kenyon’s choice to blend romance with gothic suspense created an intricate dance between heartbeats and heartbreaks. Susan’s encounter with Ravyn – an enigmatic vampire slayer masquerading as a cat – unraveled layers of narrative that kept me hooked. Ravyn’s history, etched with betrayal and centuries of solitude, resonated with me as I considered how trust can be both our making and our undoing.

Holter Graham’s narration brought an added dimension to this already pulsating story. His ability to capture Ravyn’s brooding presence and Susan’s determined spirit allowed me to experience their evolving dynamic in visceral detail. The push and pull of their relationship unfolded through Graham’s voice, painting their connection in shades deeper than mere words on a page could convey.

As I listened, moments of tension gripped me; it was more than just waiting for what would happen next – it was feeling each revelation alongside the characters. The suspense was palpable, blending seamlessly with elements that defied traditional vampire lore. Kenyon didn’t just revisit old myths; she reinvented them, creating a narrative ripe with fresh intrigue.

Upon reaching the audiobook’s conclusion, I found myself reflecting on its departure from Kenyon’s previous works like Night Play and Winter Born. This wasn’t just another love story set against a supernatural backdrop; it was also a tale about confronting our darkest fears and emerging stronger. Susan’s journalistic quest morphed into something far greater – a fight for survival and truth in a world where reality is as fluid as shadows at dusk.

The immersive experience provided by Dark Side of the Moon speaks to Kenyon’s growth as a storyteller and Graham’s skill as a narrator. Together they crafted an experience that wasn’t merely heard but felt – a rare achievement in storytelling that transcends mediums.

For those eager to embark on this nocturnal odyssey, Dark Side of the Moon is available for your listening pleasure at Audiobooks4soul.com. Dive into this rich tapestry of mystery and passion, accessible to all who dare venture into its depths.

As I close this chapter on Susan and Ravyn’s journey through darkness towards light, my own appetite for literary escapades remains insatiable. With ears attuned to future narratives that promise to whisk me away from reality’s grasp, I sign off with anticipation for what tales may next fill my headphones. Happy listening – and until our paths cross again within new storyscapes – this is Stephen Dale wishing you unforgettable adventures in audio.


My name is Stephen Dale, I enjoy listening to the Audiobooks and finding ways to help your guys have the same wonderful experiences. I am open, friendly, outgoing, and a team player. Let share with me!


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