Dirty Beasts Audiobook by Roald Dahl

Children's AudiobooksDirty Beasts Audiobook by Roald Dahl
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Roald Dahl
Narrator: Miriam Margolyes, Stephen Mangan, Tamsin Greig

Genre: Children's Audiobooks
Updated: 21/11/2023
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  • 1 - The Pig
  • 2 - The Crocodile
  • 3 - The Lion
  • 4 - The Scorpion
  • 5 - The Anteater
  • 6 - The Porcupine
  • 7 - The Cow
  • 8 - The Toad & The Snail
  • 9 - The Tummy Beast

A Wild Ride with Dirty Beasts – A Dark and Entertaining Audiobook for Kids

Hello, fellow parents and book enthusiasts! Tonight, I’m excited to share our recent nighttime adventure with Dirty Beasts audiobook, narrated by the talented Miriam Margolyes, Stephen Mangan, and Tamsin Greig. This audiobook is a collection of Roald Dahl’s tales about animals, with a twist that’s both dark and entertaining.

In this story, Dahl takes us on a journey through the animal kingdom, showcasing creatures that might just give humans a good scare. These stories carry a unique charm, reminiscent of Aesop’s Fables, but with a darker and more whimsical twist. They cleverly convey a message: treat animals with kindness, or they might turn the tables in a most surprising and often hilarious way.

Roald Dahl’s creativity shines in these stories, as he exaggerates the animals’ antics, turning herbivores like the Pig and the Anteater into carnivorous creatures with a taste for humans. The fast-paced action and mysterious capers of the animals kept us thoroughly entertained during our nighttime escapades.

What’s wonderful about Dirty Beasts is that it offers valuable morals in each story, even though they might be a bit mixed. It encourages young listeners to think about the consequences of their actions and the importance of treating all creatures with respect.

This audiobook is suitable for all ages, but parents might want to preview it before reading it to their children, as the dark and quirky humor might not be everyone’s cup of tea. In our case, it made for a memorable and laughter-filled bedtime experience.

So, if you’re looking for a unique and slightly mischievous bedtime read, Dirty Beasts audiobook might be just what you need. You can find it in audible format and it’s perfect for those car journeys or nighttime tales that will keep you and your little one entertained.

Here’s to more adventurous bedtime stories and unforgettable moments with your little ones. Happy listening!



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