Guardians of the Galaxy: Collect Them All Audiobook

Science Fiction & FantasyGuardians of the Galaxy: Collect Them All Audiobook
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Unknown
Narrator: Unknown

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy, One Shot
Updated: 21/11/2023
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Guardians of the Galaxy: Collect Them All Audiobook Free


We are Groot! When the Guardians attempt to evacuate a Kree prison planet and end up in a fight for their lives – what else is new? – they discover their old pal Groot is stretched a little thin. Someone is planting stolen branches of the monosyllabic hero and selling the saplings across the galaxy!

The search to find Groot’s missing pieces forces the Guardians into an alliance with the unscrupulous Collector, but the real problem is more complicated than he wants them to believe. The seller is a kid. And she’s got more than a few things in common with Gamora -like green skin and a wild temper.

Now with an unruly teen in tow, the Guardians attempt to track down the remaining Groots – and discover an interplanetary conspiracy. War looms on the horizon. It’s a race against the Collector, Groot himself, and the entire Kree armada. It’s battle as Rocket likes it best.

Sit back and watch the destruction as Corinne Duyvis, author of Otherbound and On the Edge of Gone, makes her Marvel debut!


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Groot is not being Groot.

Rocket, Peter, Gamora, and Drax are worried that Groot’s latest regrowth may have left him less of his usual self. The Guardians soon learn that someone has been collecting splinters of Groot when he sacrificed himself to save his teammates and others and replanting them – growing their own Groots.

That someone is the Collector – an immortal elder who is trying to assemble, as Peter and the rest of the Guardians soon discover, his own Guardian of the Galaxy tribute team.
Yet it’s not so simple in putting a stop to the Collector’s plans. He’s kidnapped Kiya, one of the last known survivors of Gamora’s homeworld, and has surgically implanted her with deadly technology which is slowly killing her in an attempt to create another Gamora.
Kiya escapes from the Collector, but she had been selling genetically modified Groots in order to gain the funds she needs to have the implants taken out of her. Nothing is what it seems to be the Guardians soon learn.

And there is the little problem of all those Groots running about.

Great Fun! Highly Recommended! Five Stars!

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