Hearts Keys & Puppetry Audiobook by Neil Gaiman

Science Fiction & FantasyHearts Keys & Puppetry Audiobook by Neil Gaiman
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Neil Gaiman, The Twitterverse
Narrator: Katherine Kellgren

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Updated: 21/11/2023
Listening Time: 1 hr and 46 mins
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Hearts Keys & Puppetry Audiobook Free Streaming Online

Hearts, Keys, and Puppetry Audiobook is a the result of a collaborative effort by Neil Gaiman and the Twitterverse, wherein the famous author gets the ball rolling by tweeting the first sentence, and the rest of the world pitches in.

Upon looking at its cover the immediate thing you’ll notice is its author, “Neil Gaiman and The Twitterverse.”

Plot Summary

“Sam was brushing her hair when the girl in the mirror put down the hairbrush, smiled, and said, “We don’t love you anymore.” So began the Twitter Audio project, with a dazzling first line penned by New York Times best-selling author Neil Gaiman. What followed was an epic tale of imaginary lands, magical objects, haunting melodies, plucky sidekicks, menacing villains, and much more.

From mystical blue roses to enchanted mirrors to pesky puppets, this classic fable was born from the collective creativity of more than one hundred contributors via the social network Twitter.com in a groundbreaking literary experiment. Together, virtual strangers crafted a rollicking story of a young girl’s journey with love, forgiveness, and acceptance.

Neil Gaiman – Hearts Keys & Puppetry Audiobook Reviews

This is the first audiobook I actually finished so this will constantly have a special area in my heart. Hearts, Keys, and Puppetry Audiobook Mp3 is an end result of a collaborative effort with the aid of Neil Gaiman and the Twitterverse, wherein the famous creator receives the ball rolling by using tweeting the first sentence, and the rest of the world pitches in. The end result was then became via BBC into a script for an audiobook.

I admit I used to be at first doubtful at the resulting first-rate of the story. Many a time have I tried taking part in that sport the place an individual writes a sentence, and then any other one continues it, and so on, and the ensuing plot nearly continually grew to become out to be messy. Because of this, I steeled myself for what the outcome might be. After nearly two hours, I resurfaced pretty reluctantly into the ordinary world. Needless to say, I genuinely cherished it.

Everyone who contributed managed to spin a lovely story of journey and redemption, and I couldn’t help but root for Sam all throughout. I was once very thrilled at the resulting twists and revelations. Imagine all the contributors studying each and every tweet as they got here and figuring out the fine path of action to take for Sam and the different characters! It used to be brilliant, and I’m so glad for all the people who contributed to the story. I also commend Katherine Kellgren for her remarkable job of narrating.

I was quite scared of listening to this story for fear that it would now not be in a position to hold my attention, but her skill in adapting the high-quality voice for every persona and the emotions they felt had been now not misplaced to me. I absolutely loved the whole listening experience.

This is indeed a very suitable audiobook for those who prefer to strive for them.

Our fundamental character (Sam) has carried out something terrible – and anyone round her knows it, mainly the female in the mirror. Sam has pulled into some other world the place she has to seem past the lies and confusion or die trying.

As I have expected, permitting heaps of people to affect the plot… creates only chaos. We went BIG match to BIG event besides taking the time to construct that rapport with characters or to truly supply and development.

I did not sense any connection to Sam and the solid of side-characters supposed nothing to me. They were both bland or so charged that I disconnected – no depth. The main plot point used to be how she couldn’t trust anyone. which is a pet peeve for me. . . particularly when the predominant personality always trusts each person she meets.

The best way to sum up this audiobook….seemed like a proper idea at the time.

I love love the reality that I can hear to audiobooks whilst I clean, courtesy of my library and overdrive. So, while I smooth I don’t pay attention to music, as a substitute I take myself a long way a ways away in the land of books.

I loved this eerie little gem. It’s a sprint of Alice in Wonderland, a dash of Coraline, a bit of Pinnochio and viola… You have Hearts, Keys and Puppetry. How cool is it that Gaiman involved the Twitterverse in this? Very unique idea. Although I do have to agree that in spots you can discover the seam in the writing the place it grew to be a touch disjointed, however, it was once nevertheless a beautiful story.

This is about a woman named Samantha who one day, as she is taking a glimpse at herself in the mirror, finds that her reflection has come to be indifferent from her and it begins to talk. “We don’t love you anymore.” From there, she is thrust into an alternate world to discover herself again and embarks on a rather life-changing journey.

Free Audiobook Hearts, Keys and Puppetry has so many oddities in it that remind me so a great deal of Alice’s Adventures, Sam is very “Alice” like as well.

The moral of the story truly is to forgive your self and usually to love yourself, to find your worth.

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Neil Gaiman - Audiobook Author
Neil Gaiman – Audiobook Author

Neil Gaiman – Hearts Keys & Puppetry is now available in audible format, almost 1 hr and 46 mins, the narration by Katherine Kellgren is so enticing that you get hooked instantly.


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