The Survivalist 08 – Home Invasion Audiobook by A. American

Action & AdventureThe Survivalist 08 - Home Invasion Audiobook by A. American
4.3/5 - (29 votes)
Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: A. American
Narrator: Duke Fontaine
Series: The Survivalist
Genre: Action & Adventure
Updated: 02/11/2023
Listening Time: 9 hrs and 42 mins
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A. American – Home Invasion is now available in audible format, mp3 is about 9 hrs and 42 mins long, yet the narration by Duke Fontaine is so enticing that you get hooked instantly and keep you up the whole way listening!

Exploring Home Invasion: An Engaging Audiobook Experience

Hey there, fellow audiobook enthusiasts!

I’m Stephen Dale. Once an author myself, I’ve transitioned into the world of book blogging. Today, I’m excited to share my impressions and experiences with the Home Invasion audiobook from A. American’s Survivalist Series.

I’m cozied up in my favorite spot at home, the room softly illuminated by dim lights on a chilly evening. I’ve got a warm cup of tea in hand, and I hit play on the audiobook, beginning an exhilarating adventure.

Duke Fontaine’s narration immediately immersed me in the captivating tale. “Home Invasion” marks the eighth installment in the Survivalist Series, and it’s just as thrilling and intense as its predecessors. The story follows Morgan Carter as he faces new challenges and threats in a post-apocalyptic world.

The novel’s inventive and lifelike storyline takes you on an extraordinary journey. A. American has crafted a narrative that stands out from typical survival tales. The characters are enthralling, and their growth kept me engrossed throughout the audiobook.

Duke Fontaine’s narration is spot-on, breathing life into each character with distinctive voices and emotions. He keeps you hanging on every word, making it impossible to set the audiobook aside. It’s truly remarkable how he elevates the entire experience.

As I followed Morgan’s adventure, I could feel the tension, the suspense, and the sense of urgency that permeated the story. “Home Invasion” delves into the intricacies of survival in a chaotic world, and it does so with depth and authenticity.

In closing, Home Invasion Audiobook isn’t just another survivalist tale. It’s a fresh and exhilarating addition to the series, magnificently narrated by Duke Fontaine.

I wholeheartedly recommend this audiobook to anyone who enjoys post-apocalyptic adventures, and you can listen to it for free on my website,

Warm regards,

Stephen Dale


My name is Stephen Dale, I enjoy listening to the Audiobooks and finding ways to help your guys have the same wonderful experiences. I am open, friendly, outgoing, and a team player. Let share with me!


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