Joust audiobook – Dragon Jousters Series, Book 1

Science Fiction & FantasyJoust audiobook - Dragon Jousters Series, Book 1
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Narrator: Ryan Burke
Series: Dragon Jousters Series
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Updated: 24/01/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Joust Audiobook: Soaring on Dragon Wings into a World of Magic and Dreams

As the golden hues of an early autumn afternoon filtered through my window, I settled into my favorite armchair, the one that’s perfectly contoured to my form after countless hours of literary escapades. The room was silent except for the soft hum of anticipation that always accompanies the start of a new audiobook. This time, it was Mercedes Lackey’s Joust Audiobook, narrated by Ryan Burke – a title promising a fusion of fantasy and the thrill of combat. With a mug of steaming coffee by my side and the world outside beginning to don its evening attire, I pressed play, ready to be whisked away on dragonback to lands unknown.

From the very first chapter, Joust captured my imagination like a dragon ensnaring its prey. Lackey’s world-building is meticulous and immersive; she crafts her universe with the precision of a master jeweler setting stones in a crown. The tale begins with Vetch – or Kiron, as we later know him – a slave boy whose dreams are as vast as the skies he longs to conquer. His journey from servitude to becoming a jouster is one that resonates deeply with anyone who has ever yearned for more than their circumstances would allow.

Ryan Burke’s narration is nothing short of enchanting. He breathes life into Vetch’s character with such authenticity that I often found myself looking over my shoulder, half-expecting to see the young dragonrider standing there. Each character voice is distinct and richly portrayed, adding layers to Lackey’s already vibrant tapestry.

The story unfolds with careful precision, each chapter building upon the last like an intricate dance between writer and reader – or in this case, listener. The bond between Vetch and his dragon Avatre transcends the pages (or speakers), reminding us all that connections formed in adversity can become our greatest strengths. As they soar together through trials and triumphs, I couldn’t help but feel tethered to their fates, riding every thermal alongside them.

What sets Joust apart from other tales in its genre is not just its heart-stopping aerial battles or its deep dive into political intrigue – it’s also how it addresses themes of freedom and self-determination. It speaks volumes about what it means to take control of one’s destiny against all odds. In many ways, this audiobook became more than just an escape; it was a reminder that even when bound by chains – literal or metaphorical – there exists within us all a power waiting to be unleashed.

I am thrilled to share that this enriching experience – the Joust audiobook free – is available for download at To fellow fantasy aficionados seeking adventures beyond their wildest dreams: prepare for takeoff.

As I reached the conclusion of Joust, I found myself reflecting on how intricately Lackey wove her narrative threads together – each plot point purposeful, each character arc satisfyingly complete yet leaving enough intrigue for future tales in this series (Alta and Sanctuary). It’s clear why Mercedes Lackey stands as a beacon within science fiction & fantasy literature; her ability to craft worlds both expansive and intimate is unparalleled.

In closing this chapter on Joust, I’m left feeling grateful for stories that remind us how vast our inner landscapes can be when we dare to dream big – bigger than dragons soaring through open skies – and pursue those dreams with unwavering courage. Eagerly awaiting our next narrative adventure within Lackey’s magical realm or any other universe waiting out there among stars yet charted or mysteries yet unraveled.

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