Kindness Goes Unpunished audiobook – Walt Longmire, Book 3

Literature & FictionKindness Goes Unpunished audiobook - Walt Longmire, Book 3
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Craig Johnson
Narrator: George Guidall
Series: Walt Longmire
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Updated: 31/01/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Kindness Goes Unpunished Audiobook by Craig Johnson: A Thrilling Ride Through Crime and Mystery with Sheriff Longmire

It was a crisp Saturday morning when I nestled into my favorite armchair, the one that has heard more stories than most of my friends. With the sun peeking through the blinds, casting stripes of light across the room, I plugged in my earphones and hit play on Kindness Goes Unpunished by Craig Johnson, narrated by George Guidall. As someone who’s penned a few tales myself, there’s nothing like the allure of a good mystery to make me forget about the world for a while.

The third installment in the Walt Longmire series thrusts us into an urban landscape far from Wyoming’s open skies. Sheriff Longmire’s journey to Philadelphia is driven by a personal mission – a father’s resolve to uncover the truth behind an attack on his daughter, Cady. The stakes are high and deeply personal, and I felt every bit of Walt’s determination as if it were my own.

Craig Johnson crafts a narrative that feels like a classic western set in modern times – there’s grit, there’s honor, and above all, there’s complexity in his characters that makes them feel real. The kind of people you’d want to sit down with over a cup of coffee – or maybe something stronger – and listen to their stories.

George Guidall’s narration is like a finely aged whiskey; it’s smooth, rich, and leaves you wanting more. His voice has become synonymous with Walt Longmire for me; he embodies the rugged charm and quiet intensity of our modern-day cowboy detective. Listening to him weave this tale was akin to sitting around a campfire under a starlit sky – completely immersive.

What makes this audiobook experience even sweeter is knowing you can dive into this crime-filled saga without spending a dime. Over at, you can download Kindness Goes Unpunished for free. It’s like finding an unexpected treasure in your own backyard.

As I followed Walt through Philly’s urban jungle, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between his search for justice and my own quest for gripping narratives that hold up mirrors to our lives. Every twist in the story reminded me why I fell in love with writing in the first place – the ability to explore human nature in all its flawed beauty.

The further I got into the audiobook, the deeper I was drawn into the labyrinth of deceit and secrets surrounding Cady’s assault. Like peeling back layers of an onion, each chapter revealed new facets of intrigue that kept me guessing – and isn’t that what a great mystery should do?

For fans of crime thrillers and modern detective tales alike, Kindness Goes Unpunished stands as testament to Craig Johnson’s ability to keep readers on their toes. And if you find yourself craving more adventures with Sheriff Longmire after this book (trust me, you will), Another Man’s Moccasins and The Dark Horse await your eager ears.

So if you’re looking for an escape into a world where justice still means something and where kindness may go unpunished but not unnoticed – take it from me, Stephen Dale – you’ve found your next listen.

Happy sleuthing,



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