The Last Olympian Audiobook – Percy Jackson Book 5

Science Fiction & FantasyThe Last Olympian Audiobook - Percy Jackson Book 5
4.9/5 - (256 votes)
Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Rick Riordan
Narrator: Jesse Bernstein
Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Updated: 14/04/2024
Listening Time: 11 hrs
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  • Soulful_Exploration
  • Chapter 1 - I Go Cruising With Explosives
  • Chapter 2 - I Meet Some Fishy Relatives
  • Chapter 3 - I Get a Sneak Peek at My Death
  • Chapter 4 - We Burn a Metal Shroud
  • Chapter 5 - I Drive My Dog Into a Tree
  • Chapter 6 - My Cookies Get Scorched
  • Chapter 7 - My Math Teacher Gives Me a Lift
  • Chapter 8 - I Take the Worst Bath Ever
  • Chapter 9 - Two Snakes Save My Life
  • Chapter 10 - I Buy Some New Friends
  • Chapter 11 - We Break a Bridge
  • Chapter 12 - Rachel Makes a Bad Deal
  • Chapter 13 - A Titan Brings Me a Present
  • Chapter 14 - Pigs Fly
  • Chapter 15 - Chiron Throws a Party
  • Chapter 16 - We Get Help from a Thief
  • Chapter 17 - I Sit on the Hot Seat
  • Chapter 18 - My Parents Go Commando
  • Chapter 19 - We Trash the Eternal City
  • Chapter 20 - We Win Fabulous Prizes
  • Chapter 21 - Blackjack Gets Jacked
  • Chapter 22 - I Am Dumped
  • Chapter 23 - We Say Good-bye Sort Of

The Last Olympian Audiobook Online Streaming


Percy Jackson Audiobook 5 - The Last Olympian Audiobook Free
Percy Jackson 5 – The Last Olympian Audiobook Free Download

Welcome to The Last Olympian Audiobook, the thrilling final installment in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, written by Rick Riordan and expertly narrated by Jesse Bernstein. This epic audiobook is perfect for fans of mythology and young adult fantasy!

In this audiobook, we follow Percy Jackson as he faces his toughest challenge yet – the final battle between the Olympians and the Titans. Along with his friends Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood, and many others, they must fight to save Mount Olympus and the world from total destruction.

At just over 11 hours long, this audiobook is sure to keep you glued to your seat from beginning to end with its non-stop action, stunning plot twists, and lovable characters. And the best part is that you can download and listen to this audiobook for free on

So whether you’ve been a fan since the first book or are new to the series, don’t miss out on this incredible audiobook experience. Listen to The Last Olympian Audiobook today and join Percy Jackson on his epic journey to save the world!

The plot summary

All year the half-bloods have been preparing for battle against the Titans, knowing the odds of victory are grim. Kronos’s army is stronger than ever, and with every god and half-blood, he recruits, the evil Titan’s power only grows. While the Olympians struggle to contain the rampaging monster Typhon, Kronos begins his advance on New York City, where Mount Olympus stands virtually unguarded. Now it’s up to Percy Jackson and an army of young demigods to stop the Lord of Time.

In this momentous final book in the New York Times, best-selling Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, the long-awaited prophecy surrounding Percy’s sixteenth birthday unfolds. And as the battle for Western civilization rages on the streets of Manhattan, Percy faces a terrifying suspicion that he may be fighting against his own fate.

Listener’s Reviews

As someone who listened to The Last Olympian Audiobook for free on, I have to say that it was an incredible conclusion to the series. The stakes are higher than ever as Percy Jackson and his friends face their toughest challenges yet. But what really stood out to me were the epic battle scenes that were so well-written, they made me feel like I was right there in the middle of the action.

One thing I loved about this book is how the characters’ personal journeys added depth and emotion to the story. It wasn’t just about saving the world – it was also about growing up and facing your fears. And Jesse Bernstein’s narration is fantastic! He brings each character to life with distinct voices and inflections, making it easy to follow along even with all the different accents and dialects used throughout the book.

Overall, I highly recommend The Last Olympian Audiobook mp3 to fans of the series and anyone who enjoys action-packed fantasy. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

And the best part? You can listen to it for free on So why not download it today and join Percy, Annabeth, Grover, and the rest of the gang on their final adventure?

Written by: Rick Riordan
Narrated by: Jesse Bernstein
Length: 11 hrs
Series: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Audiobook, Book 5
Release Date: 21/01/2010
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd

Listen and download it free!

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians Audiobook Free
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