Little Prince Audiobook Online Streaming by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Science Fiction & FantasyLittle Prince Audiobook Online Streaming by Antoine de Saint-Exupery
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A righteous analogy and divine autobiography, The Little Prince Audiobook Free is said to be the most translated children’s audiobook in the French language.  It has a charm to it that makes the story readable in 1943 and in 2019.It may seem like a simple story on the surface, however, it is a tale of compassion, goodwill and, righteous attitude.

The Little Prince Audiobook Free

By: Antoine de Saint-Exupery, Richard Howard – translator
Narrated by: Humphrey Bower
Length: 1 hr and 59 mins

The all-time classic was voted the best French book of the 20th century. The little prince audiobook free download has been translated into almost 300 dialects and languages. The novella still manages to sell around two million copies each year.

Ever since its release, The little prince audiobook free has been made into several media adaptations including television shows, movies, radio shows, audiobooks, and, live plays.

Though originally styled as a book for children, The little prince appeals to an older aged audience due to its topics about human nature and life.

The Author

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, a French writer, poet, aristocrat, and, aviator first fled to North America after the outburst of the Second World War. Despite living with consistently failing health and personal troubles, Antoine developed almost half of the writing that made him an icon in the works of literature.

Most of his writings are related to Antoine’s experiences as a French aviator. For instance, his first book that gained widespread popularity, Vol de Nuit or Night Flight contained many similarities to his time as a mail pilot and director of an Argentinian airline.

The little prince is a legendary piece of writing with not only several media adaptations to its time but also many schools, roads, avenues and even a playground that go by the name or slightly different adaptations of the little prince.

Plot Summary

Little Prince Audiobook Online Streaming
Little Prince Audiobook Online Streaming

The story begins with the narrator still a young boy showing off his drawing of boa snakes eating an elephant to some surrounding adults. Upon this, he receives looks of confusion and disappointment. This causes the narrator to set his passion for artistic expression aside and thus, focuses on becoming a pilot.

The Little Prince Audiobook then forwards to a time when the pilot crashes his plane in the Sahara desert. Here, a boy-the prince-awakens the pilot and later persists him to draw a sheep. Although this catches the pilot by surprise, he gives in to the prince’s request and manages to satisfy him.

The pilot later realizes that this prince is actually from a different planet. The planet is later revealed to be a tiny asteroid called B-612. As the story moves forward, the prince begins to share more details of his life on B-612. He also mentions that he left a rose back on his planet after he became vexed by her egocentric behavior. The prince now, however, realizes that the rose truly loved him despite all her irritating practices.

After various encounters throughout the book between the prince and the pilot involving foxes, sheep, snakes and, many, many grown-ups, the prince realizes that he wants to return to his rose whom he worries about severely.

The prince asks the snake to bite him and warns the narrator to look away as it would not be desirable for him to see the prince’s body fall to the ground.

He mentions to the narrator that his lifeless body should not startle him as the prince himself will be on towards his home planet.

The next morning, the narrator cannot seem to find the prince’s body. However, he finally manages to rebuild his airplane and leave the Sahara. It is then up to the reader to decide whether or not the prince reached B-612 or died.

Editorial Review

Described by many as a timeless classic story, The Little Prince Audiobook Online Streaming is a children’s book for adults. This bittersweet story is perfect for those who wish to remember what it was like to be a child.

The Little Prince is narrated by Humphrey Bower who’s gentle, deep voice makes you feel like a beloved family member is reading you a story full of gentle laughs and love.


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