Magic’s Promise Audiobook – Last Herald Mage, Book 2

LGBTQ+Magic's Promise Audiobook - Last Herald Mage, Book 2
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Mercedes Lackey
Narrator: Gregory St. John
Series: Last Herald Mage
Genre: LGBTQ+
Updated: 02/03/2024
Listening Time: 11 hrs and 7 mins
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Magic’s Promise Audiobook: Harmonizing Heartstrings in a Symphony of Sorcery

In the dim glow of my study, with the world outside silent as if in anticipation, I embarked on an auditory journey that promised to be both harrowing and heartening. The opening chords of Magic’s Promise, masterfully narrated by Gregory St. John, struck a chord deep within me, setting the stage for a tale that would weave together the threads of courage, sacrifice, and the unyielding bonds of friendship.

Mercedes Lackey’s artistry as an author is no secret to those familiar with her work, yet in Magic’s Promise, she elevates her craft to new heights. The story resumes with Vanyel, our cherished Herald Mage, frayed yet unbroken, standing on the precipice of what promises to be his final confrontation. Alongside him is Yfandes, his steadfast companion, their bond a testament to the enduring power of loyalty. Together, they face a threat that looms large and malevolent, casting shadows over their already dimming light.

Gregory St. John’s narration in this sequel has taken a commendable leap forward from Magic’s Pawn. Any remnants of voice shuffling that once detracted from the narrative’s clarity have been polished away, leaving only the pure essence of each character’s spirit to shine through. St. John captures the fragility and fortitude of Vanyel with such precision that one cannot help but feel intimately connected to his plight.

The audiobook weaves a complex tapestry of magic and emotion, where every spell cast and every heartstring tugged feels like a personal experience shared between listener and characters. Lackey’s depiction of Vanyel’s struggle not only with external forces but also with his own vulnerabilities resonates deeply. It is a poignant exploration of strength found in weakness and the light discovered in the darkest of places.

As Vanyel and Yfandes step into the maw of danger, their journey becomes ours. We traverse alongside them through realms brimming with potent magic and ominous threats. The battles they face are described with such fervor and intensity that one can almost feel the heat of magic in the air, thanks to St. John’s vivid narration.

Yet, it is not merely the spectacle of conflict that holds us rapt but the moments of tender humanity amidst turmoil. Lackey has always excelled at portraying LGBTQ+ themes with sensitivity and depth, and Magic’s Promise is no exception. The relationship dynamics, struggles for acceptance, and internal conflicts faced by characters are rendered with honesty and empathy.

In closing my reflections on this audiobook adventure, I am left with a sense of bittersweet fulfillment. While some may yearn for heroes untouched by adversity, Lackey presents us with protagonists whose true heroism shines brightest when tested by fire. It is their imperfections that make them relatable; their resilience makes them inspirational.

For those eager to embark on this enchanting auditory voyage, Magic’s Promise awaits you at – a realm where magic knows no bounds and stories linger long after the last note fades.

As I look forward to our next foray into storyscapes unknown, I am reminded why tales like these resonate so deeply within us – they echo our own struggles and triumphs in the face of adversity. Happy listening,



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