Morrigan’s Cross Audiobook – Circle Trilogy, Book 1

RomanceMorrigan's Cross Audiobook - Circle Trilogy, Book 1
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Nora Roberts
Narrator: Dick Hill
Series: Circle Trilogy
Genre: Romance
Updated: 04/03/2024
Listening Time: 11 hrs and 43 mins
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Morrigan’s Cross Audiobook: Weaving Timeless Love and Battle in the Echoes of Narration

As I embarked on the auditory journey of Morrigan’s Cross Audiobook, a feeling akin to stepping through a mystical portal enveloped me. The windswept cliffs of 12th century Ireland, brought to life by Dick Hill’s compelling narration, whispered of ancient battles and timeless love. This prelude to Nora Roberts’ Circle Trilogy not only promised an epic tale of fantasy and romance but also beckoned me into a world where magic breathes life into every word.

Nora Roberts, with her adept storytelling, crafts a narrative that transcends the boundaries of time and space. The saga begins with Hoyt Mac Cionaoith, standing at the precipice of destiny after the disappearance of his twin. A visitation by the goddess Morrigan bestows upon him a daunting task – form a circle of six to combat Lilith, the vampire queen’s burgeoning army. This premise alone was enough to ensnare my interest, but what unfolded was a masterful blend of romance, fantasy, and adventure that only Roberts could envision.

Dick Hill’s narration elevated this tale to new heights. His ability to capture the essence of each character – from Hoyt’s determined resolve to Lilith’s seductive malevolence – was nothing short of remarkable. The auditory experience lent an additional layer of immersion, making every scene more vivid and every emotion more palpable. It was as if the misty landscapes of Ireland and the impending battle against darkness were unfolding right before my eyes.

The dynamics between characters are at the heart of Morrigan’s Cross. As Hoyt embarks on a quest across time and realms to gather his allies – a witch, a scholar, a shape-changer, a warrior, and a vampire – the complexity of their relationships unfolds. The interactions among this motley crew are fraught with tension, humor, and burgeoning romance. Roberts skillfully weaves individual backstories and motivations into a cohesive narrative that explores themes of destiny, sacrifice, and love.

One aspect that left an indelible mark on me was how Roberts explored the notion of unity in diversity. The forming of the circle – a band so diverse in origin and power – serves as a poignant reminder that unity is not about sameness but about coming together despite differences for a common cause. This message resonated deeply with me, highlighting the power of collaboration and acceptance.

As Morrigan’s Cross Audiobook drew to its conclusion, I found myself reflecting on its intricate tapestry of narratives – a testament to Roberts’ storytelling prowess and Hill’s narrative finesse. The journey was one filled with anticipation, exhilaration, and moments of introspection.

For those yearning for an audiobook that combines rich storytelling with superb narration, Morrigan’s Cross is available for download at This enchanting tale promises not just hours of engaging listening but also an immersive experience into a world where love battles darkness.

Looking forward to our next foray into storyscapes where magic meets voice in tales yet untold. Happy listening,



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