Once Upon a Crime audiobook – Detective Roger LeCarre, Book 1

MysteryOnce Upon a Crime audiobook - Detective Roger LeCarre, Book 1
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Fergus Craig
Narrator: Fergus Craig
Series: Detective Roger LeCarre
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Updated: 24/02/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Once Upon a Crime Audiobook by Fergus Craig: A Whimsical Whodunit Where Innocence Meets Intrigue

On an overcast Saturday morning, as raindrops played their rhythmic symphony against the windowpane, I settled into my favorite armchair – a relic from my grandfather’s study – cradling a steaming mug of Earl Grey. The world outside was a grayscale watercolor, but within the confines of my headphones, color and mystery were about to burst forth in the Once Upon a Crime audiobook by Fergus Craig. As the first notes of narration filled the room, it was as if I had been whisked away from my urban apartment to a realm where fairy tales and reality were intricately intertwined.

The story unfurls with Daphne and Sabrina Grimm, sisters bound not only by blood but by an unyielding quest for truth and justice. Their tale is one that resonates deeply with me; after all, my own journey from authorship to blogging was paved with twists and turns akin to their fantastical escapades. The sisters’ unwavering unity in the face of adversity is a beacon of hope in our often-divided world – a sentiment that holds personal significance as I reflect on past collaborations that shaped my writing career.

The duo’s latest challenge transcends the mystical; they find themselves ensnared in a murder mystery that beckons them into the human world’s shadowy corners. This pivot from battling mythical creatures to unraveling human conspiracies adds layers of complexity that thrill-seekers like myself relish. Each chapter’s unexpected revelations are akin to peeling an onion – each layer revealing more intrigue and drawing me deeper into the labyrinthine plot.

Fergus Craig’s dual role as author and narrator brings an authenticity to the storytelling that is both captivating and comforting – like an old friend sharing secrets by firelight. His vocal versatility paints each character with such vivid strokes that they spring to life before your very ears. It’s this kind of immersive experience that makes you forget the dreariness outside, transporting you into a realm where anything seems possible.

For fellow aficionados of enigma and enchantment seeking this auditory adventure, I’m delighted to share that Once Upon a Crime can be freely discovered on Audiobooks4soul.com – a veritable treasure trove where tales like these await eager listeners at no charge. Imagine being able to delve into this mesmerizing narrative without spending a dime or stepping foot outside your sanctuary.

As I navigated through each twist and turn alongside the Sisters Grimm, it wasn’t just their story that unfolded – it was also a journey within myself. With each clue they uncovered, I found pieces of my former self – the young author who reveled in crafting worlds where anything could happen. And as they grew closer to unveiling secrets hidden within their own lineage, I too felt connected to something greater than myself.

In summary, Once Upon a Crime is not merely an audiobook; it is an expedition across the blurred lines between innocence and sophistication, folklore and reality. Its ability to captivate both young minds with its moral lessons and mature audiences with its intricate plot makes it an extraordinary addition to any collection.

So now, dear friends and fellow sleuths, should you find yourself yearning for an escape into a world brimming with whimsy and wonderment – or simply need solace on a rainy day – heed my advice: Don your detective hat, pour yourself some tea (or cocoa for those with sweeter preferences), visit Audiobooks4soul.com for your free download of Once Upon a Crime, and let yourself be spirited away on this magical mystery tour.

Happy sleuthing,


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