Perfect State audiobook by Brandon Sanderson

Science Fiction & FantasyPerfect State audiobook by Brandon Sanderson
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Brandon Sanderson
Narrator: Christian Rummel
Series: Unknown
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Updated: 28/11/2023
Listening Time: Unknown
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Perfect State Audiobook: A Supreme Tale of Power and Paradox

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, the kind where time seems to slow down and the world outside fades into a quiet hush. I, Stephen Dale, former book author turned audiobook aficionado, lounged in my hammock strung between two sturdy oaks in the backyard. With the sun playing hide and seek behind the clouds, I delved into the “Perfect State” audiobook by Brandon Sanderson, narrated by Christian Rummel.

Sanderson’s tale is a departure from his usual underdog heroes—a narrative centered around Kairominas, a character cloaked in privilege and invincibility. It’s refreshing to explore the psyche of someone who isn’t clawing their way up from the bottom but is instead looking down from the pinnacle of power.

The story takes an unexpected turn when Kairominas is set up on a date, not with a mere mortal who might worship at his feet, but with someone who mirrors his might. The concept of gods needing gods, struggling to accept interdependence, is a clever twist that had me mulling over my own notions of strength and vulnerability.

Christian Rummel’s narration captures this dance of egos with finesse, bringing out the subtle undertones of confusion and longing that lie beneath the characters’ godlike facades. His voice became the perfect companion to my solitary musings, adding layers to Sanderson’s world that might have been missed in print.

For those eager to dive into this tale of grandeur and irony, you’re in luck. has got you covered with a free download of “Perfect State.” It’s not every day you find such treasures freely available, so grab your headphones and prepare for an audiobook experience that defies expectations.

In closing, “Perfect State” challenges us to ponder our own perceptions of power and partnership. As I swayed gently in my hammock, the story stayed with me long after Rummel’s voice had faded away—a testament to Sanderson’s skillful storytelling. For those seeking a narrative that combines might with mind games, look no further.

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