Playing Nice audiobook by JP Delaney

MysteryPlaying Nice audiobook by JP Delaney
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: JP Delaney
Narrator: Amelia Cormack, Ben Elliot, Peter Forbes

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Updated: 26/01/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Playing Nice Audiobook: A Harrowing Labyrinth of Parental Nightmares and Twisted Truths

As the evening shadows stretched across my living room, I settled into my favorite armchair, a steaming mug of coffee in hand, ready to plunge into the world of JP Delaney’s Playing Nice. The quietude of my apartment contrasted sharply with the brewing storm within the audiobook’s opening chapters. Ben Elliot’s voice began to weave the unsettling tale through my speakers, joined in turn by Amelia Cormack and Peter Forbes, each narrator adding depth to this intricate psychological puzzle.

The premise of Playing Nice is a parent’s worst fear brought to life – the revelation that your child is not biologically yours due to a hospital mix-up. This spine-chilling concept gripped me from the outset as I followed Pete Riley’s descent into an abyss of uncertainty after answering his door to Miles Lambert’s life-shattering news. The visceral dread that any parent would feel in such a situation was palpable through Elliot’s earnest narration.

Delaney’s storytelling prowess is on full display here, crafting characters that are as richly layered as they are flawed. Pete and Maddie’s journey through this emotional minefield is one fraught with tension and moral quandaries. As secrets unfurled and lies came to light, I found myself pausing occasionally just to catch my breath – the sign of a truly compelling thriller.

The narrators’ performances were nothing short of exceptional; their ability to convey raw emotion without veering into melodrama made for an immersive experience. Elliot portrayed Pete with a vulnerability that tugged at my heartstrings, while Cormack gave Maddie a resilience that resonated with strength despite her turmoil. Forbes’ portrayal of Miles was both chilling and charismatic – a testament to his skill as a voice actor.

As each chapter unfolded, so too did the layers of deceit and manipulation inherent in Delaney’s narrative maze. The pacing was relentless; just when I thought I had anticipated the direction of the story, another twist would send shivers down my spine. The use of multiple narrators provided distinct perspectives that enriched the tapestry of conflict and suspense – a masterful choice for an audiobook format.

It’s worth noting for fellow enthusiasts that this enthralling Playing Nice audiobook free experience can be accessed from – an absolute treat for those who relish diving headfirst into stories that challenge our perceptions and tug at our deepest fears.

In conclusion, Playing Nice left an indelible mark on me as both a mystery aficionado and former author who appreciates when narratives push boundaries. It’s not just about the plot twists but how Delaney delves deep into themes of identity, family bonds, and ethical dilemmas – themes that resonate long after the final sentence has been spoken.

With its haunting storyline and stellar narration, Playing Nice stands out as an audiobook capable of captivating listeners while unnerving them in equal measure. It serves as yet another testament to JP Delaney’s mastery over the psychological thriller genre – a mastery I’ve come to admire greatly throughout his body of work.

Eagerly awaiting our next narrative adventure – I’ll be here with headphones at the ready and anticipation high for whatever twisted journey comes next. Until then, happy listening!



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