Practical Demonkeeping audiobook – Pine Cove, Book 1

Literature & FictionPractical Demonkeeping audiobook - Pine Cove, Book 1
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Christopher Moore
Narrator: Oliver Wyman
Series: Pine Cove
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Updated: 24/12/2023
Listening Time: Unknown
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Practical Demonkeeping Audiobook by Christopher Moore: A Quirky Tale of Companionship and Chaos

As the amber hues of dusk settled over my cozy suburban backyard, I lounged on my hammock with a pair of headphones and allowed the whimsical world of Practical Demonkeeping to envelop me. There’s something about the stillness of an early evening that sets the stage for a story filled with oddities and unexpected companionships.

Christopher Moore, renowned for his offbeat humor and ability to craft peculiar narratives, introduces us to Travis and Catch in this inaugural Pine Cove novel. As a former author myself, I’ve always had a penchant for characters that defy norms, and Moore delivers just that. Travis, the reluctant hundred-year-old scholar, finds himself tethered to Catch, a demon with an insatiable appetite for human flesh – quite literally. Their relationship is anything but conventional; it’s as if Laurel met Hardy in a Lovecraftian universe.

Oliver Wyman’s narration brings this bizarre duo to life with impeccable timing and a flair for capturing the essence of each character. His voice acts as a portal into Pine Cove, where our protagonists’ fates become intertwined with the town’s eccentric inhabitants. It’s hard not to chuckle at the absurdity that ensues when you have a demon who considers devouring people a sport.

Moore’s tale is more than just an amusing romp through supernatural hijinks; it delves into themes of trust, friendship, and necessity. The bond between Travis and Catch may be forged from mutual disdain and inconvenience, but their journey together highlights how need can shape relationships in the most unexpected ways.

For those new to Moore’s work or looking for an engaging listen without overly complex plotlines, Practical Demonkeeping hits the mark. It’s accessible not only in its storytelling but also quite literally; you can dive into this quirky adventure for free on Being able to download audiobooks at no cost has been a game-changer for me as a book blogger – it means I can share my love for stories without barriers.

Listening to Wyman embody each character reminded me why I fell in love with writing in the first place – the power of words to create entire worlds from thin air. And while my days are now spent critiquing rather than creating these worlds, there’s nothing like experiencing them through another writer’s eyes…or ears.

As night descended and stars began dotting the sky above me, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for Moore’s unique brand of storytelling – a blend of humor, horror, and heart that keeps readers (and listeners) coming back for more. Practical Demonkeeping is one such gem that offers escapism with its satirical edge and fantastical elements.

So whether you’re lounging at home or seeking entertainment during your commute, give this audiobook a listen. Traverse the peculiar streets of Pine Cove alongside Travis and Catch – just be sure not to wander too close if you hear Catch’s stomach rumbling.

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