Predator Audiobook – Kay Scarpetta, Book 14

MysteryPredator Audiobook - Kay Scarpetta, Book 14
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Patricia Cornwell
Narrator: January LaVoy
Series: Kay Scarpetta
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Updated: 02/03/2024
Listening Time: 11 hrs and 32 mins
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Predator Audiobook: A Sonic Dive into the Murky Depths of Crime and Mystery

As I embarked on the auditory journey that is Predator, the latest installment in Patricia Cornwell’s acclaimed Scarpetta series, my expectations were a blend of excitement and skepticism. The Florida heat, synonymous with both natural predators and those of a more sinister, human kind, promised a backdrop teeming with suspense and dark corners. This setting, a character in its own right, laid the groundwork for an experience I hoped would be as compelling as it was chilling.

Patricia Cornwell’s prowess in weaving intricate narratives is unparalleled. Her ability to breathe life into Kay Scarpetta, making her not just a forensic specialist but a beacon of truth in a world shrouded in mystery, has always been commendable. However, as the narrative unfolded through January LaVoy’s narration, I found myself ensnared not by the gripping suspense typical of Cornwell’s work but by a plot that seemed to meander through the swamps of Florida without a clear destination.

LaVoy’s performance, while adequate, lacked the vibrancy and depth required to elevate Predator beyond its textual limitations. The essence of Scarpetta, her relentless pursuit of justice through conversations with the dead, felt muted, lost amidst a storyline that struggled to find its footing. This disconnect between expectation and reality colored my listening experience, leaving me yearning for the dynamism and tension that define the best of thriller audiobooks.

Despite these challenges, Predator still offered moments of brilliance. Cornwell’s detailed exploration of forensic science remains unmatched, providing fascinating insights into a world where the dead indeed speak volumes. These moments of clarity amidst the overarching murkiness reminded me why I’ve followed Scarpetta’s journey this far.

However, it’s impossible to overlook the audiobook’s shortcomings. The plot’s lack of coherence made it difficult to maintain engagement, a sentiment seemingly shared by others who’ve ventured into this chapter of Scarpetta’s life. Yet, even in disappointment, there lies value. Predator serves as a testament to the complexity of crafting compelling mystery thrillers and the fine line between genius and misstep.

In reflection, my final impression of Predator is one of mixed emotions. While not reaching the heights achieved by earlier entries in the series or other notable works by Cornwell such as Cruel and Unusual and Quantum: A Thriller, it remains a part of Scarpetta’s storied legacy. For fans dedicated to following every step of her journey or newcomers intrigued by forensic mysteries, there are still threads worth unraveling within this audiobook.

For those interested in exploring Predator and forming their own opinions on this divisive entry in the Scarpetta series, it is available for free download at – a platform that continues to offer access to an expansive world of stories waiting to be heard.

Looking forward to our next foray into storyscapes where we’ll hopefully uncover hidden gems that resonate with both heart and mind. Happy listening,



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