Renegade Star: Publisher’s Pack 4 Audiobook – Renegade Star, Book 7-8

Science Fiction & FantasyRenegade Star: Publisher's Pack 4 Audiobook - Renegade Star, Book 7-8
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: J. N. Chaney
Narrator: Luke Daniels
Series: Renegade Star
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Updated: 02/03/2024
Listening Time: 8 hrs and 58 mins
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  • 09_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 10_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 11_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 12_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 13_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 14_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 15_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 16_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 17_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 18_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 19_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 20_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 21_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 22_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 23_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 24_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 25_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 26_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 27_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 28_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 29_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 30_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 31_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 32_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 33_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 34_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 35_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 36_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 37_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 38_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 39_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 40_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 41_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 42_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 43_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 44_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 45_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 46_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 47_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
  • 48_-_renegade_star_publishers_pack_8_renegade_star_books_15-16Renegade Star: Publisher\'s Pack 4
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Galactic Echoes: The Renegade Star Audiobook Experience

As I embarked on the auditory journey of Renegade Star: Publisher’s Pack 8 by J. N. Chaney, narrated with fervor by Luke Daniels, I found myself ensnared in a cosmic odyssey that was both exhilarating and profoundly contemplative. This final installment, encompassing the 15th and 16th chapters of the Renegade Star series, propelled me through space and time, leaving an indelible mark on my perception of science fiction and fantasy.

The prelude to my experience was akin to standing at the threshold of the universe, gazing into the abyss filled with stars and nebulae, each telling its own ancient tale. The anticipation of embarking on this final voyage with Jace and his allies was palpable, stirring a concoction of excitement and melancholy within me.

J. N. Chaney’s artistry in weaving this intricate tapestry of interstellar warfare, mythological undertones, and the quintessential struggle for survival is commendable. His narrative prowess is amplified by Luke Daniels’ exceptional narration, which breathes life into the saga’s characters with such authenticity that they seemed to whisper their secrets directly into my ear.

Renegade War, the penultimate chapter, thrusts us into the heart of an impending galactic confrontation. Jace’s quest under the guidance of mythological deities to uncover a key to defeating the Celestials encapsulates not just a physical journey across the Sarkonian sector but also an introspective expedition into what it means to be a leader in times of dire crisis. Daniels’ voice captured every nuance of Jace’s turmoil and determination, making every moment resonate with emotional depth.

Transitioning into Renegade Peace, the series’ climactic closure unveils humanity’s last stand against celestial invaders. The fragile alliances formed between disparate factions underscore a universal theme: unity in diversity can forge a path to salvation. This chapter not only concludes the saga but also offers a reflection on our own world’s discord and the potential for harmony. Daniels’ narration here reaches its zenith, masterfully conveying desperation, hope, and resolve.

Throughout these audiobooks, key passages left an indelible impact on me – moments where courage faced off against insurmountable odds, where sacrifices were made for the greater good. These moments transcended mere storytelling; they became lessons in resilience and faith in one’s convictions.

In synthesis, Renegade Star: Publisher’s Pack 8 is more than just an auditory experience; it is a voyage that challenges perceptions and evokes a spectrum of emotions. Chaney’s narrative brilliance combined with Daniels’ unparalleled performance makes this finale not just satisfying but transformative.

For those yearning for similar cosmic adventures that blend action with existential musings, Chaney’s Worlds Apart and Wayward Galaxy 3, co-authored with Jason Anspach, beckon as beacons in the vast literary cosmos.

Listeners eager to embark on this final chapter of an epic saga can find solace in knowing that Renegade Star: Publisher’s Pack 8 is available for free download at – a gateway to experiencing this masterpiece.

As I bid farewell to the Renegade Star series, I find myself looking forward to our next foray into storyscapes unknown with anticipation and wonder. Happy listening,



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