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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Patricia MacLachlan
Narrator: Glenn Close
Series: Sarah
Genre: Children's Audiobooks
Updated: 02/03/2024
Listening Time: 1 hr and 1 min
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Whispers of Home: The Sarah, Plain and Tall Audiobook – A Symphony of Emotions

As I embarked on the journey that is the Sarah, Plain and Tall audiobook, narrated by the incomparable Glenn Close, I was immediately enveloped in a tapestry of emotions that are as vast as the prairie skies under which this heartwarming tale unfolds. The story, a slender thread of hope and uncertainty woven through the lives of a widowed father and his two children, Anna and Caleb, resonates with the universal quest for belonging and love. It is through Patricia MacLachlan’s delicate prose and Close’s poignant narration that I found myself traversing the emotional landscapes of longing, fear, and ultimately, heartwarming resolution.

Patricia MacLachlan crafts a narrative that is both simple and profound, exploring themes of loss, family, and the courage it takes to forge new connections. Her ability to capture the innocence and earnestness of Anna and Caleb’s perspectives is nothing short of masterful. The children’s longing for a mother figure in their lives is palpable, their hopes pinned on Sarah – tall, plain, yet brimming with quiet strength and kindness. Through MacLachlan’s words and Close’s voice, Sarah emerges not just as a character but as a presence that fills the listener’s imagination with warmth.

Glenn Close brings an unparalleled depth to the audiobook. Her performance is not merely narration; it is an act of storytelling that breathes life into each character. Close’s voice carries the weight of Sarah’s contemplation and the lightness of Caleb’s laughter with equal grace. The cadence of her reading captures the tentative steps towards forming a new family – a dance of voices that invites listeners to step into the shoes of each character.

The dynamics between text and performance in this audiobook create an immersive experience that transcends mere listening. It was in moments when Sarah shared her stories of the sea or when Caleb asked if she liked them yet, that I found myself moved by the vulnerability of these characters. Their journey speaks to our deepest desires for acceptance and love, making it impossible not to root for this makeshift family.

Upon reaching the end of this brief yet profound tale, my reflections were tinged with both satisfaction and melancholy – the hallmark of any meaningful story. Sarah, Plain and Tall manages to encapsulate vast emotional landscapes within its compact duration, leaving listeners with lingering thoughts on what it means to find one’s place in another’s world.

For those enchanted by this narrative mosaic, More Perfect than the Moon and Sarah, Plain and Tall Audio Collection await to further explore themes of family, change, and love. These audiobooks promise additional journeys into MacLachlan’s gentle world where every word seems to hold a breath of prairie wind.

Available for those eager to delve into this saga of heartstrings at, Sarah, Plain and Tall stands as a testament to the power of storytelling – a bridge between hearts seeking solace in each other.

As I close this chapter on Sarah, Plain and Tall, my anticipation for future literary explorations remains undimmed. Each story holds a universe waiting to be discovered through whispered words against silence. Looking forward to our next foray into storyscapes – happy listening,



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