Straight up Love audiobook – The Boys of Jackson Harbor, Book 2

Literature & FictionStraight up Love audiobook - The Boys of Jackson Harbor, Book 2
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Lexi Ryan
Narrator: Summer Roberts, Tyler Donne
Series: The Boys of Jackson Harbor
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Updated: 29/01/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Straight Up Love Audiobook: The Heartbeat of Jackson Harbor

As the last hues of sunset faded from my living room window, I settled into my favorite armchair – a throne for the evening’s adventure. My apartment was quiet, save for the soft hum of city life that never quite dies down. It was in this urban solitude that I began my journey through Lexi Ryan’s Straight Up Love Audiobook, narrated by the talented duo Summer Roberts and Tyler Donne. There’s something about the intimate experience of an audiobook that transforms a simple evening into an expedition through emotions and human connections.

Lexi Ryan has crafted a world in Jackson Harbor that feels as real as the leather beneath my fingertips. The story of Ava and Jake unfolds with such authenticity that it’s easy to forget you’re listening to fiction. Ava’s dilemma – her longing for motherhood without the traditional trappings of a partner – is one that resonates deeply in today’s society. And Jake? He is every bit the charming best friend turned potential lover, making it impossible not to root for him.

Summer Roberts and Tyler Donne breathe life into these characters with a performance so rich, it feels like eavesdropping on private conversations. Their inflections capture every nuance of humor, frustration, and longing that Ava and Jake experience throughout their unconventional courtship. As I listened, their voices became those of old friends – companions in this rollercoaster tale of love against odds.

The chemistry between Ava and Jake is palpable even through audio alone; every stolen moment they share crackles with intensity. It’s more than just romance; it’s about two souls navigating their vulnerabilities and desires under the guise of an agreement too flimsy to contain their burgeoning feelings.

Ryan’s writing shines when portraying the complexities of transitioning from friendship to love – the hesitations, unspoken rules suddenly broken, and silent acknowledgments that things will never be the same again. It reminds me of evenings spent pondering over coffee with friends about the what-ifs and could-bes that often go unsaid but are felt deep within our bones.

And then there’s Jackson Harbor itself – a character on its own right. The small-town charm seeps through each chapter, reminding me nostalgically of places where everyone knows your name, and your business becomes everyone else’s by default.

As I delved deeper into this story, nights turned into days seamlessly. I found myself sneaking moments with my headphones at every opportunity – during morning jogs when Jack’s witty remarks would propel me forward or while stirring pots in my kitchen as Ava navigated her heart’s treacherous waters.

For those who yearn for a narrative steeped in contemporary romance yet defying clichés, Straight Up Love is a testament to modern love stories’ evolving nature – it speaks volumes about choice, friendship, and taking leaps of faith not just in others but also in oneself.

It brings me immense joy to share that this enriching audiobook experience – the Straight Up Love audiobook free – is available for download at A treasure trove awaits listeners who wish to embark on this journey filled with laughter, tears, and whispers shared between two hearts learning to beat as one.

In conclusion, Lexi Ryan delivers more than just another romance novel; she offers an exploration into what it means to truly love someone – not only romantically but also selflessly – as friends first before anything else can bloom. The narrators have done justice to this tale with their impeccable timing and emotional range that will leave you feeling part of Jackson Harbor long after you’ve pressed pause.

Eagerly awaiting our next narrative adventure together – I sign off now but not without expressing my anticipation for what lies ahead on our bookshelves (or rather our playlists). Happy listening!



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