The Dragon Oath Audiobook – University of Sorcery, Book 2

RomanceThe Dragon Oath Audiobook - University of Sorcery, Book 2
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Hidden Legends, Megan Linski
Narrator: Liana Walsh, Maxx Pinkins
Series: University of Sorcery
Genre: Romance
Updated: 01/03/2024
Listening Time: 13 hrs and 56 mins
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The Dragon Oath Audiobook: A Sonic Voyage into the Heart of Hidden Legends

As the first notes of Liana Walsh and Maxx Pinkins’ narration graced my ears, I was instantly transported to a world teetering on the brink of the fantastical and the ominous. The Dragon Oath Audiobook promised an enthralling journey into the origins of a house shrouded in mystique and power. Megan Linski’s pen, combined with the compelling delivery of Walsh and Pinkins, did not merely recount a tale; it invited me into an intimate dance with history, mystery, and destiny.

From the outset, this audiobook wove a rich tapestry of emotions and anticipation. Bryan Lankford, a character as complex as he is captivating, emerged from the shadows of his past to confront a destiny that would shape not only his fate but also that of the legendary House of Night. The narrative’s texture was further enriched by the dual narration, which masterfully captured the essence of each character, breathing life into their struggles, aspirations, and heartaches.

The genius of Linski’s storytelling lies in her ability to craft a world that is both vast in its scope and intimate in its exploration of human emotion. The journey from mischief-laden youth to Sword Master was rendered not just through events but through trials that tested Bryan’s spirit and will. It was in these moments – these crucibles of character – that I found myself most deeply engrossed. The narrators’ ability to convey these subtle yet profound transformations was nothing short of mesmerizing.

What struck me most profoundly was how The Dragon Oath Audiobook served as a mirror reflecting the timeless battle between light and darkness within us all. Bryan’s odyssey was not just about external conquests but also about internal reconciliations. His love for Anastasia and his unwavering determination to protect what he held dear resonated with me on a visceral level, reminding me that courage often sprouts from the seeds of love.

As I emerged from this auditory expedition, my thoughts lingered not only on the epic narrative but also on the craftsmanship behind it. The seamless blend of Linski’s narrative prowess with Walsh and Pinkins’ emotive delivery created an experience that transcended mere storytelling. It was a journey – a rite of passage that left me both fulfilled and yearning for more.

For those who find themselves enchanted by The Dragon Oath Audiobook, the realm of Hidden Legends holds further treasures waiting to be discovered. Each audiobook in this series promises its own unique voyage into realms where legends breathe and magic thrives.

Available for free download at, this audiobook is not just accessible; it is an open invitation to lose oneself in a world where every note carries the weight of destiny.

As I eagerly anticipate our next foray into these storyscapes, I am reminded that literature – especially when brought to life through the power of voice – has the unparalleled ability to forge connections across time and space. Happy listening, fellow adventurers.

Until our paths cross again in pursuit of tales untold,


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