The Next Always audiobook – Inn BoonsBoro, Book 1

Literature & FictionThe Next Always audiobook - Inn BoonsBoro, Book 1
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Nora Roberts
Narrator: MacLeod Andrews
Series: Inn BoonsBoro
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Updated: 19/02/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Renovating Romance: The Next Always Audiobook – A Blueprint for Love

Imagine the sound of a historic hotel’s walls whispering tales of yesteryears, the laughter and sorrows they’ve housed. It was with this backdrop of nostalgic architecture that I embarked on my journey through The Next Always Audiobook, narrated by MacLeod Andrews. Nora Roberts, with her trademark blend of romance and renovation, sets the stage for a story that’s as much about rebuilding lives as it is about restoring old buildings.

Roberts’ first installment in the Inn BoonsBoro series is a comforting embrace for those who find solace in familiar tropes with fresh twists. Beckett Montgomery, the architect with his hands full of blueprints and dreams, is more than just a skilled craftsman; he’s a man with a heart poised to rebuild not just the inn’s crumbled stones but also to cement his place in Clare Brewster’s life. As I listened, Andrews’ voice brought an additional dimension to Beckett – his deep tones and nuanced inflections painted the character with an aura of both ruggedness and sensitivity.

Clare Brewster, the widow and mother of three boys, epitomizes resilience. Her venture into bookstore ownership in her quaint hometown serves as a testament to her strength. When Roberts weaves Clare’s path into Beckett’s architectural designs, you can almost hear the audible click of pieces falling into place – a sound made all the more real by Andrews’ skillful narration.

Andrews’ delivery encapsulated each character’s essence – their hesitations, their bursts of joy, their contemplative silences. His voice became the unseen current guiding me through Boonsboro’s streets and the newly polished corridors of the inn. The interplay between text and audio transformed Roberts’ written word into a sensory experience; one where I could almost smell the sawdust and feel the worn pages of Clare’s books.

As romances go, The Next Always is comfort food – it doesn’t startle you with unexpected spices but satisfies with its warmth and familiarity. The audiobook medium added layers to this experience, allowing me to absorb the town’s ambiance alongside the unfolding romance.

The Next Always Audiobook is akin to watching a master painter at work – the first few strokes may not reveal much, but as layers are added, a picture emerges that is rich in depth and color. Roberts has crafted characters that resonate with real-world struggles and triumphs while Andrews has breathed life into them with his narration.

The audiobook concludes on notes that are both conclusive and anticipatory – with enough resolution to satisfy yet ample curiosity piqued for its sequels The Last Boyfriend and The Perfect Hope. It left me reflective on how sometimes life requires us to strip things down to their foundations before we can build something beautiful.

This auditory journey through love’s reconstruction is available for those eager ears at – free to download for anyone seeking solace in stories told not just through words but through resonant voices.

With The Next Always Audiobook, I found myself rooting for second chances at love amidst sawdust and stone. And so, fellow literary adventurers, I bid you Happy listening until our next excursion into realms penned by dreamers and voiced by orators. Until then, this is Stephen Dale signing off – may your hearts be ever open to tales of renewal and romance.


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