The Redeemers audiobook – Quinn Colson, Book 5

Literature & FictionThe Redeemers audiobook - Quinn Colson, Book 5
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Ace Atkins
Narrator: Brian D'Arcy James
Series: Quinn Colson
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Updated: 31/01/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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The Redeemers Audiobook by Ace Atkins: An Intense Tale of Grit and Retribution in a Lawless Land

Last night, under a canopy of stars in the comfort of my own backyard, I delved into the world of “The Redeemers” audiobook by Ace Atkins. The crackle of the fire pit and the occasional hoot of a distant owl set the stage for a tale of a man with nothing left to lose. As an ex-author turned book blogger, there’s something about stories of justice and vengeance that always gets my heart racing, and Ace Atkins delivers just that.

Quinn Colson, the protagonist of this gripping narrative, is a former sheriff unceremoniously stripped of his badge—his identity and passion in one fell swoop. His character, one I’ve grown to admire through the series, is the epitome of the relentless hero who, despite being knocked down, comes back fighting harder. There’s a raw authenticity to Quinn, a reflection of the monsters we all sometimes face, whether in our past works or personal battles.

Johnny Stagg, the antagonist, is the kind of villain you love to hate. His stranglehold over Jericho’s underworld is about to be challenged by a badgeless, rule-free Quinn, out for retribution. As stakes escalate, so does your pulse, and Brian D’Arcy James’ narration encapsulates this perfectly. His voice carries the weight of Quinn’s journey, the gravelly tones painting the picture of a world where lawlessness reigns.

What I find truly compelling about this audiobook is its availability on, where I could immerse myself in Quinn’s quest for payback free of charge. The convenience of downloading it without dipping into my wallet is a godsend for an audiobook junkie like me.

“The Redeemers” isn’t just another chapter in a series; it’s a significant turning point, a culmination of the battles Quinn has faced. It’s the kind of story that, even as I turned off my headphones and the embers died down, stayed with me, the echoes of justice and revenge whispering in the night air.

So, for those who thirst for a tale of raw courage and a fight against corruption, join Quinn Colson on his last stand in Jericho. It’s a ride you won’t forget, and it’s waiting for you to press play on

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