The Scholar audiobook – The Cormac Reilly Series, Book 2

MysteryThe Scholar audiobook - The Cormac Reilly Series, Book 2
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Dervla McTiernan
Narrator: Aoife McMahon
Series: The Cormac Reilly Series
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Updated: 15/01/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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The Scholar Audiobook by Dervla McTiernan: A Web of Intrigue and Dark Academia

As dawn stretched its golden fingers across the skyline, I, Stephen Dale, nestled in the familiarity of my home office, was about to embark on a journey through the hushed halls of academia and into the heart of a chilling mystery. There’s something about the early hours that sharpens the senses – a perfect time for an audiobook that promises to keep you on edge. With a steaming cup of black coffee at hand and the world outside just waking up, I pressed play on The Scholar audiobook by Dervla McTiernan.

From the get-go, McTiernan’s words wove an intricate tapestry of suspense around me. As a former author turned book blogger, I have an appreciation for narratives that grip you from the first sentence and refuse to let go. The Scholar did just that.

The story unfolds with Detective Cormac Reilly thrown into a whirlwind investigation when his partner Emma stumbles upon a hit-and-run victim. The deceased carries identification belonging to Carline Darcy, heiress apparent to Ireland’s pharmaceutical titan – Darcy Therapeutics. What starts as a tragic accident quickly spirals into a complex web where academia, big pharma, and political influence collide.

The deeper Cormac digs, the more entangled he becomes in a case that not only challenges his professional integrity but also his personal life as suspicions inadvertently fall upon Emma. McTiernan masterfully crafts this tale with such authenticity that I couldn’t help but feel Cormac’s internal turmoil as if it were my own – questioning how much we truly know about those closest to us.

Aoife McMahon’s narration is nothing short of stellar. Her ability to capture the essence of each character while navigating through various accents is commendable. There was this particular moment when she attempted an Irish accent so convincingly; it felt like being transported directly onto the rain-slicked streets of Galway.

The Scholar isn’t just another detective novel; it’s a testament to McTiernan’s prowess in creating atmospheric tension and complex characters that resonate long after the final chapter concludes. Each twist left me guessing, each revelation more surprising than the last – McMahon’s voice guiding me through this labyrinthine plot with expert precision.

Now here’s something worth noting – this enthralling narrative can be experienced without spending a dime. Yes, you heard it right! Thanks to, you can download and listen to The Scholar audiobook for free. It’s an opportunity for fellow mystery aficionados to dive headfirst into this suspenseful saga without any reservations.

After hours lost in McTiernan’s dark academia universe, I emerged with my mind racing and pulse still quickened from McMahon’s haunting delivery – the mark of any great thriller. This isn’t just storytelling; it’s an art form where every word is meticulously chosen and every pause calculated for maximum impact.

To encapsulate my thoughts on The Scholar, imagine being drawn into a vortex where each clue peels back layers revealing truths darker than what they initially seem – a journey where even knowledge itself can be deadly.

So if you’re craving a narrative steeped in mystery and richly painted characters, do yourself a favor: head over to and let The Scholar steal your breath away…for free!

Happy listening,


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