The Taggerung audiobook – Redwall, Book 14

Children's AudiobooksThe Taggerung audiobook - Redwall, Book 14
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Brian Jacques
Narrator: Beth Cassidy, Brian Jacques, Dave Foode, Gordon Halle, Marc Jacques, Ron Delacruz
Series: Redwall
Genre: Children's Audiobooks
Updated: 30/12/2023
Listening Time: Unknown
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The Taggerung Audiobook by Brian Jacques: A Riveting Tale of Courage and Conquest in the Redwall Saga

As the first light of dawn crept through my bedroom window, I nestled under the covers with my trusty headphones, eager to delve into the world of Redwall once more. The Taggerung audiobook by Brian Jacques awaited me, a beacon in the quiet morning hours. Stephen Dale here, former book author turned book blogger, and nothing quite matches the thrill of a children’s tale that speaks to the heart of adventure within us all.

Brian Jacques’ The Taggerung, part of his acclaimed Redwall series, is a narrative that sweeps you off your feet and into a realm where animals speak, valor shines bright, and destiny is as unpredictable as a river’s current. As I listened to the voices bringing this epic story to life, I was transported back to my youth—those golden days when imagination reigned supreme.

Jacques himself leads an ensemble cast in narration, including Beth Cassidy, Ron Delacruz, Dave Foode, Gordon Halle, and Marc Jacques. Their collective performance is nothing short of magical; they create an auditory tapestry so vivid that each character leaps from the soundscape into reality. The tale unfolds with an infant otter snatched away by Sawney Rath’s villainous vermin clan—a babe destined to become their Taggerung, a warrior unmatched in skill and ferocity.

Yet this otter defies expectations. Raised among cutthroats who glorify brutality, he nurtures an innate refusal to kill. This peculiarity sets him apart and propels listeners on a journey through suspenseful twists and heartwarming turns. The story dances between joyous triumphs and somber defeats as we follow our unlikely hero navigating his path.

Listening to The Taggerung, I marveled at how Jacques’ storytelling transcends age. His ability to weave complex themes like morality amid high-stakes adventure resonates as much with me now as it would have in my childhood years. It’s no wonder that his works like Mattimeo and Mossflower have cemented him as a New York Times best-selling author.

For those enchanted by tales spun with care or seeking an escape into a world rich with lore and legend—the Redwall series beckons. And what better way to experience it than through your ears? Thanks to, you can download and listen to The Taggerung for free! Yes, you heard right—free! It’s like finding treasure without having to cross treacherous waters or face down fearsome foes.

As I lay there listening, captivated by every word, I couldn’t help but think about how stories shape us—how they teach us about courage, kindness, and our own inner strength. Brian Jacques has left behind a legacy that continues to inspire new generations of readers (and listeners), proving that great stories never really end; they live on in those who cherish them.

So whether you’re reliving cherished memories or creating new ones with your kids (or just for yourself), let The Taggerung sweep you away on an unforgettable adventure. Grab your favorite blanket—or perhaps a shield—and join me on this auditory quest through Mossflower country.

Happy listening,



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