The Undead, Part 14 audiobook – The Undead, Book 14

Literature & FictionThe Undead, Part 14 audiobook - The Undead, Book 14
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: R. R. Haywood
Narrator: Joe Jameson
Series: The Undead
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Updated: 02/02/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Survival and Laughter in the Zombie Apocalypse: The Undead, Part 14 Audiobook

As a fervent audiobook listener and a former spinner of tales myself, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of an ongoing saga that continues to surprise and engage. With R.R. Haywood’s The Undead, Part 14 pumping through my headphones, I found myself at the intersection of hilarity and near-disaster. Picture this: a routine commute transformed into a rollercoaster of emotions, where laughter nearly leads to automotive anarchy. It’s not every day that an audiobook has you gripping the steering wheel with both glee and suspense.

Joe Jameson steps up to the mic once more, delivering a performance that can only be described as a masterclass in character portrayal. It’s as if he’s conjured an entire cast from thin air, each with their own distinct voice and personality. The debate between fans over narrators may continue elsewhere, but for me, Jameson has claimed his throne right alongside Dan Morgan as a true virtuoso of vocal versatility.

Haywood’s prowess in storytelling shines brightly in this latest installment. He manages to turn what could be perceived as mundane – a group moving from point A to B – into an odyssey laden with rich character development and linguistic artistry. As someone who once wove narratives of my own, I tip my hat to Haywood; his ability to breathe life into the ordinary is something I deeply admire.

While some may find it peculiar to pen such an in-depth review for the fourteenth chapter in a series, let me assure you it’s done out of sheer enthusiasm and respect for the work. Not only does this installment improve upon its predecessors, but it also offers listeners like me solace during dreary commutes and long workdays. In fact, I’ve found myself secretly wishing for traffic snarls just to spend more time immersed in this post-apocalyptic world.

Now let’s talk about value – 15 hours of storytelling that makes every penny spent feel like an investment in your own joy and sanity. That’s not something you come across often in today’s rush-rush world.

There is one minor quibble I must mention – the epilogue didn’t quite tantalize with hints of what’s next as much as I had hoped. But when considering the journey thus far, this is but a speck on the windshield of an otherwise spotless ride.

In closing my thoughts on The Undead, Part 14, imagine me standing atop a fortress amidst the chaos below – not unlike Haywood’s characters – giving two enthusiastic thumbs-up with all the gusto of Fonzie himself. This audiobook rocks; it’s part of a series that consistently rocks; and I cross my fingers that future entries will maintain this high standard.

For those curious minds who’ve reached out via the digital grapevine: no, I have not been swayed by free copies or financial incentives for my reviews. My words are fueled purely by passion for great stories well told – and The Undead series stands proudly on that list.

With each chapter bringing new laughs and tears while making even the most mundane details pulse with excitement, if you don’t find yourself emotionally invested – laughing one moment, crying the next – you might want to check your pulse for signs of zombification.

And remember fellow adventurers in literature: The Undead, Part 14 awaits your eager ears at – a treasure trove freely accessible for those who revel in auditory escapades.

Until our paths cross again on another journey through storyscapes – happy listening!

Yours truly,



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