The Undead: Part 9 Audiobook – The Undead, Book 9

Literature & FictionThe Undead: Part 9 Audiobook - The Undead, Book 9
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: RR Haywood
Narrator: Dan Morgan
Series: The Undead
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Updated: 01/03/2024
Listening Time: 9 hrs and 33 mins
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Chasing Shadows: The Undead Part 9 Audiobook – A Quest for Normalcy in a World Gone Mad

In the hushed darkness of my room, with only the soft glow of my audiobook player casting long shadows on the walls, I embarked on yet another journey with The Undead Part 9. As a fervent follower of R.R. Haywood’s gripping saga, my anticipation was tinged with a familiar blend of excitement and trepidation. The series had become more than just a collection of stories to me; it was a refuge, a chaotic world where, paradoxically, I found peace amid its tumult.

The Undead Part 9 audiobook promised to plunge me deeper into the harrowing yet captivating post-apocalyptic landscape that Haywood so masterfully paints. Yet, as the narrative unfolded through Dan Morgan’s compelling delivery, I found myself navigating an unexpected terrain. Half the audiobook focused on a seemingly futile chase after a little girl – a subplot that, while initially promising intrigue and depth, culminated in an anticlimax that left me pondering the direction of this beloved series.

Dan Morgan’s narration remained a beacon of excellence throughout this installment. His ability to breathe life into each character reaffirmed why his performances are integral to the series’ allure. Even as the storyline meandered through its peculiar arc involving hyper children and impending lion chases – a narrative choice that seemed to veer towards the absurd – Morgan’s voice kept me anchored, compelled to follow Howie and his Living Army through every twist and turn.

Despite these narrative detours, The Undead Part 9 still managed to evoke a spectrum of emotions within me. Laughter mingled with frustration; anticipation often gave way to contemplation. It’s this emotional voyage that underscores the power of Haywood’s creation, amplified by Morgan’s auditory artistry. The story’s blend of gore, tragedy, and comedy remains its strongest suit, even when the plot itself appears to lose its way.

As I reached the conclusion of this latest audiobook adventure, my feelings were mixed. While part of me yearned for the coherence and intensity of earlier installments, another part couldn’t help but admire the audacity to explore new – albeit unconventional – narrative paths. My connection with Howie and his band of survivors remains unshaken; their struggles and triumphs resonate deeply with me, echoing our own search for meaning in a world that often seems bereft of it.

For fellow enthusiasts of zombie lore who crave stories rich in both action and emotional depth – and who appreciate narrators capable of making characters leap out from their headphones – The Undead Part 9 is still a worthy listen. It stands as a testament to the unpredictable journey that is life (or undeath), inviting us to embrace its uncertainties.

Looking ahead, I find myself at a crossroads similar to many fans: Do I leap into the Kindle version in search of immediate answers or patiently await the auditory magic that Dan Morgan brings to Part 10? This decision weighs heavily on me as I pen these reflections.

For those eager to dive into this unique blend of horror and humor or continue riding alongside Howie’s Living Army, The Undead Part 9 audiobook awaits your eager ears at Here’s hoping our next foray into Haywood’s apocalyptic vision rekindles the fiery narrative momentum we’ve come to love.

Until then, happy listening,



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