The Unloved audiobook by John Saul

Literature & FictionThe Unloved audiobook by John Saul
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: John Saul
Narrator: Emily Sutton-Smith

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Updated: 29/01/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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The Unloved Audiobook: Echoes of Eerie Whispers in a Family’s Legacy

As the golden hues of dusk painted my cozy reading nook, I found myself ensconced in an armchair that had become my companion through countless narrative voyages. With the soft patter of rain against the window, it was the perfect backdrop for delving into John Saul’s The Unloved Audiobook. The ambiance seemed to resonate with the haunting undertones of the story, and as I pressed play, Emily Sutton-Smith’s voice filled the room, transforming my solitary evening into an encounter with the spectral.

The tale unfurled like a fog creeping over a forgotten manor, where every corner whispered secrets best left undisturbed. Kevin Devereaux’s return to his childhood home after two decades sets the stage for this chilling narrative. The house, with its deceptive serenity and lush surroundings, becomes a character itself – holding its breath as family skeletons rattle impatiently in their closets.

Saul’s pen weaves a tapestry rich with psychological horror; it is not merely about things that go bump in the night but also about those that lurk within human souls. His portrayal of Kevin’s mother – a matriarch with lips stained crimson and words sharp enough to slice through spirits – is vivid and visceral. Her summons to her estranged son under the guise of illness sets in motion a series of events that are as harrowing as they are compelling.

Emily Sutton-Smith’s narration was akin to a maestro conducting an orchestra of emotions; her performance was nothing short of mesmerizing. She captured each character’s essence with such finesse that I felt their fears, their hopes, and their despair right alongside them. The timbre of her voice modulated perfectly between tension-filled silences and crescendos of terror that made my pulse quicken.

The Unloved is not just another ghost story; it is a testament to how past traumas can stretch their icy fingers far into future generations. As Kevin’s mother meets her ghastly fate within the confines of what should have been a sanctuary for children – the nursery – the true horror begins to unfold. It becomes clear that some doors, once opened, cannot be closed again.

John Saul masterfully crafts each chapter like a puzzle piece fitting into an increasingly ominous picture. He invites us to peer behind the veil where innocence is corrupted by malevolent forces from beyond – and sometimes from within. The echoes from long-silenced voices begin to haunt Kevin’s children as they uncover what it means to be ‘The Unloved.’

This audiobook held me captive from start to finish; every plot twist felt like another step deeper into darkness while desperately searching for light. Saul’s storytelling prowess combined with Sutton-Smith’s captivating delivery ensured that this was more than just listening – it was experiencing literature at its most immersive.

For fellow aficionados who yearn for narratives that entwine your senses until you’re unsure where reality ends and fiction begins, The Unloved Audiobook is now available for free download at – a haven for those who seek solace or thrill in spoken word.

Reflecting on this auditory journey leaves me both unsettled and awestruck by how seamlessly fear can be interlaced with beauty when told through such skilled artistry. The Unloved resonates long after its final whispers fade away – a haunting echo reminding us that some family legacies are too powerful to ever truly die.

As I eagerly anticipate our next narrative adventure together, may your nights be filled with stories that stir your soul and challenge your bravery – until then, happy listening!



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