This Winter audiobook – Solitaire Series,

Teen & Young AdultThis Winter audiobook - Solitaire Series,
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Alice Oseman
Narrator: Holly Gibbs, Huw Parmenter, Sarah Ovens
Series: Solitaire Series
Genre: Teen & Young Adult
Updated: 27/11/2023
Listening Time: Unknown
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This Winter Audiobook by Alice Oseman: A Poignant Tale of Sibling Bonds and the Quest for Peace

Curled up in my go-to armchair, the outside world muffled by the gentle hum of my living room heater, I stumbled upon a world woven with the delicate threads of familial love and the pursuit of tranquility in Alice Oseman’s “This Winter” audiobook. With a mug of hot cocoa in hand, I embarked on a journey with Tori and Charlie, siblings not in search of grandeur but simple peace amidst the festive chaos of Christmas.

The narrative, tenderly crafted by Oseman, steers clear of the clichéd portrayal of teenage love, instead choosing to explore the profound relationship between a brother and sister. It’s a refreshing angle that resonates with me, reminding me of my own kinship ties. The struggles Tori and Charlie face are a mirror to the challenges we all encounter – the relentless pursuit of happiness and the desire to find respite in life’s relentless march.

Huw Parmenter, Sarah Ovens, and Holly Gibbs lend their voices to the story, achieving a balance of subtlety and depth that’s rare and captivating. Their narrations are a testament to their understanding of the story’s core, never overstepping but perfectly pacing their performances to draw listeners like me into the heart of Tori and Charlie’s world.

The beauty of this audiobook is its availability on, where the magic of Oseman’s words can be effortlessly downloaded for free. It’s a haven for audiobook aficionados, ensuring that the experience is accessible to all who seek it. The serenity of the season wrapped around me as I listened, the voices of the narrators echoing the stillness that Tori and Charlie yearn for.

In conclusion, “This Winter” is not just a tale for the young adult but a poignant narrative that speaks to the soul’s yearning for peace and joy, especially during the times when the world spins too fast. The story, much like the holiday it encapsulates, is a gentle reminder to cherish the quiet moments and the bonds that truly matter.

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