Under the Eagle Audiobook Online Streaming – Eagles of the Empire #1

UncategorizedUnder the Eagle Audiobook Online Streaming - Eagles of the Empire #1
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Simon Scarrow
Narrator: David Thorpe
Series: Eagles of the Empire
Genre: Uncategorized
Updated: 05/11/2023
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Under the Eagle Audiobook Free


Under the Eagle Audiobook is the first book in the Eagles of the Empire series, by Simon Scarrow and is his debut novel, introducing the characters of Quintus Licinius Cato and Lucius Cornelius Macro.

Published in 2000, this story is a must-read for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden. Praise for Simon Scarrow’s compelling novels: ‘Gripping and moving’.

Plot Summary

AD 42, Germany. Tough, brutal and unforgiving. That’s how new recruit Cato is finding life in the Roman Second Legion. He may have contacts in high places, but he could really use a friend amongst his fellow soldiers right now.

Cato has been promoted above his comrades at the order of the Emperor and is deeply resented by the other men. But he quickly earns the respect of his Centurion, Macro, a battle-hardened veteran as rough and ready as Cato is quick-witted and well-educated. They are poles apart, but soon realize they have a lot to learn from one another.

On a campaign to Britannia – a land of utter barbarity – an enduring friendship begins. But as they undertake a special mission to thwart a conspiracy against the Emperor they rapidly find themselves in a desperate fight to survive…

Audiobook Review

If you enjoy Bernard Cornwell or Patrick O’Brian you’ll enjoy Simon Scarrow. A very good start to the series. A good story that pulls you along with the main characters.

I enjoyed the style of writing which made it a quick and enjoyable overall. The two main characters were both interesting and I can see them growing more and more as the series continues and the friendship growing with each battle they enter into.

This aside it’s a great first story with humor and fast-paced gritty action that follows our two heroes across Britain in search of Caesar’s lost treasure. Some of the narrators choice of voices aren’t what I’d have chosen, but fit the British background of the narrator (and author).

Great fun and worth a listen.

Listen and download free!

Narrated by: David Thorpe
Series: Eagles of the Empire, Book 1
Length: 12 hrs and 5 mins

Eagles of the Empire – Under the Eagle is now available in audible format, mp3 is about 12 hrs and 5 mins long, yet the narration by David Thorpe is so enticing that you get hooked instantly and keep you up the whole way listening!

@Thankyou Mr. Gary Mark Scott Cooper


  1. Probably too big of an ask but can we get increased speeds on the player?

    Only thing preventing me from devouring this series is not having 2x play speed


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