Warning Contains Language Audiobook by Neil Gaiman

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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett
Narrator: Martin Jarvis

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Updated: 03/11/2023
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  • 01 - The Song of the Audience
  • 02 - Nicholas Was...
  • 03 - Babycakes
  • 04 - Cold Colours
  • 05 - The White Road
  • 06 - Banshee_ The Flash Girls
  • Disk 2 - 01 - Chivalry
  • Disk 2 - 02 - Troll Bridge

Warning: Contains Language, Stories, and Poems from Angels & Visitations Audiobook

Some writers need to NEVER study for their own audiobooks. Neil Gaiman is NOT one of those, thankfully. While a couple of these testimonies don’t seem to be what I would call Neil’s usual quality, the fact that he reads them makes them worthwhile to hear.

Some of the songs detract as an alternative then enhance the stories. One track, however, is a song with a gem of a story at the end. I’ll leave you to find out which one on your own.
If you love Gaiman I strongly advise this for two of the short memories alone. Troll Bridge and the White Road are two brief tales that will or have been in grownup fairy tale anthologies. Listening to him examine them, to me, was once a bonus.

Errr… so… Moving on. If you have not guessed by way of now, this collection is surely for adults. There’s an accurate bit of humor, however, a majority of these testimonies are quite dark. “Nicholas Was…”, “Babycakes”, “Cold Colours”, “The White Road” and “Troll Bridge” had been all very dark. I like. 😀

An audiobook examines through Neil Gaiman. This time it’s two discs long, with the stories taken from the brief story series “Angels & Visitations.” As always, in my opinion, it’s satisfactory when memories are read through the author. And Neil does a very proper job. This additionally used to be a correct series due to the fact it contains some of Neil’s darker works, which I like, and are good. It used to be exciting to revisit these stories (as I’ve examined the collection before), however this time through having them read to me by Neil. Easily recommended.

The commencing decision is genuinely a piece of stand-up that Gaiman does, referred to as “Being an Experiment…” I spotlight this due to the fact it is highly damn hilarious, mainly the phase about the ants. The scan is what takes place to an author as he consumes alcohol. The effects are great.

Of the poems, I most appreciated “Babycakes”. That one is extraordinarily bizarre and haunting and chilling. Love it.

“Babycakes” was once clearly very, very disturbing, and I suppose that makes it my preferred of the bunch, in spite of its brief length. It’s one of those tales that simply makes you go “What the FUCK?!” I listened to it twice, returned to back. So traumatic and frightening in its plausibility.

“Nicholas Was…” was also very quick and dark, and I found myself looking greater of this story. Especially because it seemed a variety of tied into the “American Gods” world. “Cold Colours” appeared like this as well, actually.

There are additionally two longer works, short tales from Smoke and Mirrors: “Chivalry”, and “Troll Bridge”. They’re two of the higher memories from that set and are even cooler with Gaiman reading.

Finally, we end with a song, “Banshee”. It’s no longer handy anywhere else, so the fantastic I can accumulate from it is that this was once a poem put to music/song by way of The Flash Girls.

Warning Contains Language Audiobook Reviews

Neil Gaiman - Audiobook Author
Neil Gaiman – Audiobook Author

Here is another small audio collection of short works by Gaiman. These are early selections from his career.

There is mostly poetry in the first section. Now, I’m not big on poetry. I don’t “get” it, really. But I will say that Gaiman’s reading plus the haunting music he has accompanying it gives it a great spooky feel. I still don’t understand it all, but it sounds wicked.

All in all, I really enjoyed these stories and the mythological flair that Neil brings wherever he goes. His reading was fantastic as always. I would highly recommend these stories…

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Neil Gaiman – Warning: Contains Language, Stories, and Poems from Angels & Visitations Audiobook is now available in audible format, that includes:


  1. The Song of the Audience [1:38]
  2. Nicholas Was … [2:35]
  3. Babycakes [4:54]
  4. Cold Colours [16:11]
  5. The White Road [20:57]
  6. Banshee [25:41]


  1. Chivalry [32:55]
  2. Troll Bridge [28:35]

By: Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett
Narrated by: Martin Jarvis
Length: 12 hrs and 32 mins


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