“Which book brought you to the audiobook world?” Someone asked me that and I answered without thinking: Harry Potter.

First step!

Beautiful friendship in Harry Potter

I have listened to Harry Potter Audio Books since the summer of 6th grade (probably) and this is also the book I have listened to for the longest time. It’s not because I’m sleepy whenever I look at a textbook! You know, by the time I was in the sixth grade, the internet and phones were not so developed that everyone had their own one. That’s why I can only listen to these audiobooks every night during summer vacation. I was so engrossed in crushing “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone Audiobook” in just three evenings.

Coming to the audiobooks of J. K. Rowling, we seem to have entered the King’s Cross station in London, boarded the Hogwarts Express, step by step to the miraculous world. Harry Potter is the work about the best student age, the school I have ever listened to but it is not the normal schoolboys, not ordinary schools but Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the sorceress students.

The story revolves around a trilogy of wizards including Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger in adventures and against the dark lord, “You-Know-Who”, Voldemort.

The death!

Harry Potter and his parents: James Potter and Lily Evans
Harry Potter and his parents: James Potter and Lily Evans

J. K. Rowling herself said that throughout the Harry Potter Audiobook Series is the death. At the beginning of the series is the death of James Potter and Lily Potter under Voldemort’s deadly curse Avada Kedavra, but when he was about to kill Harry, James and Lily’s children the curse was countered, Voldemort was destroyed, no life nor die. Harry, meanwhile, is “The Boy Who Lived” in that horrible night, left with a lightning scar on his forehead, the only external sign of the curse, and happens to be the Horcrux. Voldemort’s seventh price.

Throughout the seven audiobooks, J. K. Rowling took the listeners to go through many different emotions: sometimes giggling, sometimes feeling nervous, anxious, a little scared, choking. Sometimes it is the first vibration love. J. K. Rowling was very clever when leading the listeners to experience these emotions, transforming themselves into each character, giving them the feeling of living in a magical country.

Harry Potter, friends and enemies!

Harry Potter - The boy who lived
Harry Potter – The boy who lived

My first impression of the main character of the series, the boy Harry Potter is a skinny boy, black hair, wearing round glasses, a lightning scar on his forehead. Orphaned Harry, living with his aunt Dursley’s family, sleeping in a room under the stairs, being rejected by his aunt’s family and being punished every time something strange happens in the house. His aunt, Petunia always hated things related to magic or was it jealous of her younger sister Lily when she was special in the family? Meanwhile, Uncle Vernon hides all the magical properties Harry inherited. In the eyes of everyone around him, he was just an eccentric, inferior kid. But things have changed since Harry’s eleventh birthday.

Harry is allowed to come to the world that he truly belongs to, making new friends and friends fighting alongside him. In the wizarding world, Harry is no longer a weirdo, but he is the youngest Quidditch in Hogwarts history, a beloved student in the eyes of teachers and friends, he inherited a whole fortune, have a godfather and above all he has friends, have a family. The Weasley family, Hogwarts, has truly become his second family. Harry is brave, cunning, and alert, ready to face the dark lord Voldemort to protect the people he loves.

I don’t know if anyone had dreamed like me when I listened to the J. K. Rowling audiobooks, but at the tender age of twelve, I thought I could be like Hermione, also a Muggle-born witch. Sometimes I heard birds flying through windows thinking that an owl letter had been sent.

Hermione Granger, the only flower in the trilogy of witches and also my favorite character (perhaps a bit of a female major here). It can be said that Hermione is the best witch among her peers. A Muggle-born witch, always teased with the name Bloody Mud but could anyone have the intelligence like her. Hermione is a genuine nerd, who listens to all the audiobooks before the school year, always raising her first (or even only) first statement during hours that make others sometimes irritated. But she surprised listeners when she discovered that Professor Remus Lupine was a werewolf with just an essay, she punched Draco Malfoy in the face, using a clock to turn back the time given by Professor McGonagall to save him. Sirius Black and his son, Buckbeak, act as enchanting amulets on coins, which admire the members of Dumbledore’s Army from the Ravenclaw family, capturing journalist Rita Skeeter while in beetle status in a glass jar. Elf, coming up with the crazy idea of ​​riding a dragon to get out of the Gringotts Wizarding Bank. The bookworm has repeatedly brought the group out of danger or simply helped Harry fix his glasses. By the end of the Harry Potter audiobooks series, I was still a bit regretful that Hermione and Harry did not become a couple and J. K. Rowling himself admitted the same.

Hermione Granger in Harry Potter
Hermione Granger in Harry Potter

Next to the third character of the witch trio is Ronald Weasley. Ron is the sixth son in the family with the bright red hair typical of the Weasley family. Ron may be a bit shy but he is not cowardly, on the contrary, he is very brave, especially in the witch game in the first episode of the series or despite the fear of spiders, he is still ready to go to the Forbidden Forest. with Harry. If Harry looks in his Mirrors mirror, he sees his parents and Ron sees himself as the male leader and Quidditch captain receiving the Quidditch trophy. The mirror has shown the deepest desire in Ron, wants to be respected by others. Ron always felt inferiority complex, always felt inferior to his brothers, sometimes jealous of Harry’s reputation but that could not stop him from becoming a great friend of Harry.

Ronald Weasley in Harry potter
Ronald Weasley in Harry potter

Besides the trio, there are still other characters in Dumbledore’s Army. I like a silly little Neville Longbottom, but frankly, an eccentric, quirky, Luna Lovegood, always opposite to Hermione and a belief that “Wisdom is better than the best treasures of man.”, the Weasley twins are always mischievous, joking and are the owners of a fun shop…

Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter
Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter

I crave the aromatic butterbeer in the Cauldron, want to own collectibles when eating chocolate frogs. I want to go on an adventure in the gloomy forests of the Forbidden Forest, to see the magical creatures that Hagrid thinks are “cute”, to stand in the ancient Hogwarts auditorium with a starry sky. I also wanted to do magic tests, to face the bug that made Hermione scream, wanted to hear the horrific voice of Ba Beo picture once. Most of us are afraid of ghosts but when I read Harry Potter I want to see the ghosts of the houses once: Bloody Baron, Myrtle Crying in the toilet… And above all, I want to be living in the magical world that Rowling has created.

Dobby, the house-elf that always appears in the torn form, has made any of us feel the friendship not only exists between people. Dobby can obey the orders of the Malfoy family but he is also ready to free Harry, the true owner of the free elf Dobby.

We grow up through every audiobook. We know more, understand more and love more. Friendship, affection throughout the journey of the trio. We have been with the trio through many tribulations, how much joy as well as losses. Love is the most powerful power. It was thanks to Lily’s sacrifice and love for Harry that Voldemort was opposed by his own curse. Another mother, Molly Weasley, beat Bellatrix, who was more powerful than her because of her love for her children. Fred’s death and Ginny’s safe were more than enough for a mother of five children: “You – will – never – ever – be – allowed – to – come – any – child – of – me.”

Professor Snape’s love for Lily made him even hate James Potter but when he looked into Lily’s eyes at Harry and the promise with Dumbledore made him silently endure all, although it was a look of hatred from his identical eyes to protect Harry, his love for Lily made him the only real death to have a visible guardian angel and not a coincidence. of the teacher is a female deer, like the patron saint of Lily Potter, so maybe many of you, like me, hate the way Professor Snape treated him, sarcasm Harry or whatever student. But in the end, when everything clear, when the silvery gray tears oozing out of the corners of Snape’s eyes revealed that professor, I was impressed by that professor. It turned out that all he did was to protect Harry, to protect the son of his loved one.

The deaths of the two greatest professors Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape have all of us dumbfounded, my heart seems to be strangled by someone.

Harry Potter Audiobooks Main Characters
Harry Potter Audiobooks Main Characters

As for the villains in Harry Potter Audio Books, which character do you hate the most? Certainly, Voldemort is the first one that people think of. On my list of obnoxious characters, the “honor” right behind Voldemort is Dolores Umbridge. A proper outcome for the Sagittarius, who made Harry write on his left hand “I don’t lie” with a blood pen, attaching the eye of “Mad-Eye” Moody to the door… was thrown into the Azkaban prison.

Wonderful childhood memories!

Childhood memories
Childhood memories

My childhood was not only climbing trees, picking the apple, sun-catching dragonflies, harvesting rice, picking melon… but also attached to the chapter of audiobooks about the journey of Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

Once I was listening to “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Audiobook” when I was in the middle of a story and my teacher confiscated it. God knows what I was upset at that time, how uncomfortable. Not because it’s a story I borrowed from my friend, so I was anxious to find a way to return it, but because I was listening to it. It was always uneasy to know what would happen next, was anyone hurt or did the Order of the Phoenix throw away Death Eaters from the broom? I always wanted to be immersed in that magical world.

Closed but not the end!

Harry Potter final battle
Harry Potter final battle

JK Rowling has made a friendship that is more beautiful than ever, very simple and sincere, but it is that friendship that shines and enlightens the whole work, not letting dark things extinguish even in difficult situations. It is said that the friendships that last longer than seven years are eternal friendships and that the friendship between the three people has truly lasted forever.

“The scar has not hurt anymore for the past nineteen years. It’s all well and good.” Closing the last chapter, closing the journey of the seven-year journey, I seemed to be missing something but it seemed like something had grown up day by day.

Albus Dumbledore Quote in Harry Potter Audiobooks

J. K. Rowling has written an excellent work with profound human and human values. Seven audiobooks, seven Horcruxes, seven adventures, there were deaths, sacrifices were made, but that is why the series left a deep impression on my mind. Every lesson we receive is valuable and respectable. The friendship is built by us and the more we should treasure, preserve. More than ever, I have learned profound lessons: never judge a person through their past and what determines who we are is our own decisions.

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  1. The book that brought me here is A. American’s Going Home/Survivalist series. I’ve listed to some on a paid Amazon/Audible account, YouTube, and just completed going through all of them again on here. Though, as noted, book 10 is incomplete. It cuts off the ending.


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