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Science Fiction & FantasyA Memory of Light Audiobook free - TWOT 14
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Robert Jordan
Narrator: Kate Reading, Michael Kramer
Series: The Wheel of Time
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Updated: 05/02/2024
Listening Time: 41 hrs and 55 mins
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  • Soulful_Exploration
  • 14 - A Memory of Light
  • 01_A Memory of Light - Prologue - By Grace and Banners Fallen
  • 02_A Memory of Light - Chapter 01 - Eastward the Wind Blew
  • 03_A Memory of Light - Chapter 02 - The Choice of an Ajah
  • 04_A Memory of Light - Chapter 03 - A Dangerous Place
  • 05_A Memory of Light - Chapter 04 - Advantages to a Bond
  • 06_A Memory of Light - Chapter 05 - To Require a Boon
  • 07_A Memory of Light - Chapter 06 - A Knack
  • 08_A Memory of Light - Chapter 07 - Into the Thick of It
  • 09_A Memory of Light - Chapter 08 - That Smoldering City
  • 10_A Memory of Light - Chapter 09 - To Die Well
  • 11_A Memory of Light - Chapter 10 - The Use of Dragons
  • 12_A Memory of Light - Chapter 11 - Just Another Sell-sword
  • 13_A Memory of Light - Chapter 12 - A Shard of a Moment
  • 14_A Memory of Light - Chapter 13 - What Must Be Done
  • 15_A Memory of Light - Chapter 14 - Doses of Forkroot
  • 16_A Memory of Light - Chapter 15 - Your Neck in a Cord
  • 17_A Memory of Light - Chapter 16 - A Silence Like Screaming
  • 18_A Memory of Light - Chapter 17 - Older, More Weathered
  • 19_A Memory of Light - Chapter 18 - To Feel Wasted
  • 20_A Memory of Light - Chapter 19 - The Choice of a Patch
  • 21_A Memory of Light - Chapter 20 - Into Thakan'dar
  • 22_A Memory of Light - Chapter 21 - Not a Mistake to Ignore
  • 23_A Memory of Light - Chapter 22 - The Wyld
  • 24_A Memory of Light - Chapter 23 - At the Edge of Time
  • 25_A Memory of Light - Chapter 24 - To Ignore the Omens
  • 26_A Memory of Light - Chapter 25 - Quick Fragments
  • 27_A Memory of Light - Chapter 26 - Considerations
  • 28_A Memory of Light - Chapter 27 - Friendly Fire
  • 29_A Memory of Light - Chapter 28 - Too Many Men
  • 30_A Memory of Light - Chapter 29 - The Loss of a Hill
  • 31_A Memory of Light - Chapter 30 - The Way of the Predator
  • 32_A Memory of Light - Chapter 31 - A Tempest of Water
  • 33_A Memory of Light - Chapter 32 - A Yellow Flower-Spider
  • 34_A Memory of Light - Chapter 33 - The Prince's Tabac
  • 35_A Memory of Light - Chapter 34 - Drifting
  • 36_A Memory of Light - Chapter 35 - A Practiced Grin
  • 37_A Memory of Light - Chapter 36 - Unchangeable Things
  • 38_A Memory of Light - Chapter 37 - The Last Battle
  • 39_A Memory of Light - Chapter 38 - The Place That Was Not
  • 40_A Memory of Light - Chapter 39 - Those Who Fight
  • 41_A Memory of Light - Chapter 40 - Wolfbrother
  • 42_A Memory of Light - Chapter 41 - A Smile
  • 43_A Memory of Light - Chapter 42 - Impossibilities
  • 44_A Memory of Light - Chapter 43 - A Field of Glass
  • 45_A Memory of Light - Chapter 44 - Two Craftsmen
  • 46_A Memory of Light - Chapter 45 - Tendrils of Mist
  • 47_A Memory of Light - Chapter 46 - To Awaken
  • 48_A Memory of Light - Chapter 47 - Watching the Flow Writhe
  • 49_A Memory of Light - Chapter 48 - A Brilliant Lance
  • 50_A Memory of Light - Chapter 49 - Light and Shadow
  • 51_A Memory of Light - Epilogue - To See the Answer

Resonance of Fate Audiobook: The Final Turn of the Wheel

As the gentle hum of my headphones fades into silence, I’m left adrift in the echoes of a journey that has spanned decades. A Memory of Light, the concluding volume of the epic Wheel of Time series, weaves a finale that honors its beginnings and its creator, Robert Jordan. Crafted with meticulous care by Brandon Sanderson from the extensive notes Jordan left behind, this audiobook stands as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling.

The narrative prelude to my listening experience was one of apprehension and excitement. Could Sanderson maintain the intricate tapestry that Jordan had so lovingly created? Would Michael Kramer and Kate Reading deliver a performance that resonated with the voices I’d grown to know? The answer to both questions is an unequivocal yes.

From the opening moments, Sanderson’s deft hand at continuing Jordan’s legacy is apparent. He navigates the treacherous waters of concluding a beloved series with grace and skill, steering clear of unnecessary innovations while still breathing life into each character’s arc. The growth we witness in figures like Rand al’Thor and Egwene al’Vere is not merely consistent with their past; it’s an organic progression toward their destinies, fulfilling Jordan’s vision without losing sight of their humanity.

Michael Kramer and Kate Reading rise to the occasion as well, their performances embodying the gravity and exuberance of this final installment. They navigate action scenes with a clarity that paints vivid pictures in your mind, their voices crescendoing with the intensity of battle. Yet it’s in their portrayal of quieter moments – those intimate exchanges fraught with emotion – that their talents truly shine. They capture every nuance, ensuring that even listeners new to The Wheel of Time can feel the weight of history in each word.

What strikes me most about A Memory of Light is how Sanderson manages to keep the series’ soul intact. There’s a careful balance between honoring Jordan’s established world and introducing necessary evolutions to bring closure to long-standing conflicts. Dragons soar higher, characters speak bolder, yet these are not departures but rather culminations – destinies realized in spectacular fashion.

The climax is pure adrenaline – a masterclass in high fantasy storytelling – and Kramer and Kate Reading meet it head-on. Their narration doesn’t just tell you what happens; they make you feel it. The pitch and timbre shift with each sword clash, each spell cast, each heart-wrenching sacrifice. And when peace finally falls over this war-torn world, their voices carry all the relief and sorrow that comes with such a hard-won victory.

As I reflect on my time with this audiobook, I’m struck by how much it felt like coming home – a return to a world I’ve spent countless hours in but seen through fresh eyes. It’s a rare feat for an ending to satisfy on all fronts, yet here we are: A Memory of Light does just that.

For those who have followed The Wheel of Time from its inception or for those who might be curious after stumbling upon Audiobooks4soul.com where this expressive adventure awaits free download – know that this is an ending worth experiencing.

Looking forward to our next foray into storyscapes – with ears eager for new worlds and hearts open to unexpected turns – I bid you happy listening.

Until our paths cross again on another literary escapade,

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  1. Hi,

    Great thank you, but Book 14 has stopped working, wont let me continue on the part 2 ch 56…, but also part 1 as well

    Thank you

  2. It looks like the entire book has been uploaded in 8 minutes parts. Is there any whay they can be consolidated, like in the other books?

  3. Thank you so much for your work posting these. I enjoy and appreciate this site so much. Knowing I’m asking for more than we deserve, if possible, please make the player window/section/that part where the chapters are listed larger. Again, thanks bunches!!

  4. Great series, thanks for the audiobooks. I drive Simi’s and they really pass the time. Though this book just stopped loading and the play list only shows part 1 ch 1, and part two ch 8 and 9. Could you please help. Thank you for all you do.

  5. It looks like the entire book has been uploaded, but I’m wondering why all the audio files are in 8 minute chunks? Is there a way that they can be consolidated like the former books in the series? I realize this is free and I thank you for providing it to us.


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