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The Wheel of Time Audiobook free is a series of high fantasy novels written by American author James Oliver Rigney, Jr. under his pen name of Robert Jordan. The Wheel of Time is notable for its length, its detailed imaginary world, its well-developed magic system, and its large cast of characters. The eighth through fourteenth books each reached number one on the New York Times Best Seller list. After its completion, the series was nominated for a Hugo Award. According to Jordan’s French publisher, as of 2017, the series has sold over 80 million copies worldwide and is the best selling epic fantasy series since The Lord of the Rings Audiobook.

Listen and download The Wheel of Time Audiobook Free by Robert Jordan
Listen and download The Wheel of Time Audiobook Free by Robert Jordan

The world-building in The Wheel of Time Audiobook free is fantastic. I’ve read some series where the magical system and the world in which it is placed do not work well or are too complicated to make it realistic. I’ve always thought that a magical system that seems natural and does not take long for the story to effortlessly explain is the best-and, of course, it also has to be unique. Robert Jordan does a great job with this.

The Wheel of Time Audiobook free takes place in our past and our future- in the series they are in a time in which they use horses and carts, but by the middle to end of the series changes are taking place and some of the inventions from before The Breaking of the World are being reinvented.

2008 was a bad year for epic fantasy in general. Robert Jordan had just passed away, far too early, and while Brandon Sanderson had been named the successor to The Wheel of Time Audiobook, at that point readers had no way of knowing what that would mean.

Listen: If you love long, epic fantasy series in which you get heavily invested in the characters and their world, read this series! The Wheel of Time Audiobook free is very detailed and draws you in – if you enjoy the first audiobook, you will have to keep listening. As a side notes, if you find yourself having a hard time getting through some of the audiobooks, try listening to the audiobooks as I’ve heard this has helped some people enjoy it more.

Don’t listen: If you don’t enjoy long audiobooks in which there are a lot of detailed imagery or the characters are not constantly fighting in battles, you should pass this series. With so many audiobooks and so many characters, you may get lost or bored along the way.

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