The Eye of the World Audiobook Free – TWOT 1

Science Fiction & FantasyThe Eye of the World Audiobook Free - TWOT 1
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Robert Jordan
Narrator: Kate Reading, Michael Kramer
Series: The Wheel of Time
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Updated: 23/01/2024
Listening Time: 30 hrs and 2 mins
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  • Soulful_Exploration
  • 000 - Opening Credits
  • 001 - Maps
  • 1 An Empty Road
  • 2 Strangers
  • 3 The Peddler
  • 4 The Gleeman
  • 5 Winternight
  • 6 The Westwood
  • 7 Out of the Woods
  • 8 A Place of Safety
  • 9 Tellings of the Wheel
  • 10 Leavetaking
  • 11 The Road to Taren Ferry
  • 12 Across the Taren
  • 13 Choices
  • 14 The Stag and Lion
  • 15 Strangers and Friends
  • 16 The Wisdom
  • 17 Watchers and Hunters
  • 18 The Caemlyn Road
  • 19 Shadow Waiting
  • 20 Dust on the Wind
  • 21 Listen to the Wind
  • 22 A Path Chosen
  • 23 Wolfbrother
  • 24 Flight Down the Arinelle
  • 25 The Traveling People
  • 26 Whitebridge
  • 27 Shelter From the Storm
  • 28 Footprints in Air
  • 29 Eyes Without Pity
  • 30 Children of Shadow
  • 31 Play for Your Supper
  • 32 Four Kings in Shadow
  • 33 The Dark Waits
  • 34 The Last Village
  • 35 Caemlyn
  • 36 Web of the Pattern
  • 37 The Long Chase
  • 38 Rescue
  • 39 Weaving of the Web
  • 40 The Web Tightens
  • 41 Old Friends and New Threats
  • 42 Remembrance of Dreams
  • 43 Decisions and Apparitions
  • 44 The Dark Along the Ways
  • 45 What Follows in Shadow
  • 46 Fal Dara
  • 47 More Tales of the Wheel
  • 48 The Blight
  • 49 The Dark One Stirs
  • 50 Meetings at the Eye
  • 51 Against the Shadow
  • 52 There Is Neither Beginning Nor End
  • 53 The Wheel Turns

What is The Eye of the World Audiobook?

The Eye of the World Audiobook free is the first book of the fourteen audiobooks The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. It was published by Tor Books and released on January 16, 1990. The unabridged audiobook is read by Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. Upon first publication, The Eye of the World consisted of one prologue and 53 chapters, with an additional prologue authored upon re-release.

The Eye of the World Audiobook is an interesting piece of The Wheel of Time Audiobook because, just like Rand, Mat and Perrin, Jordan doesn’t quite seem to have a grasp on what’s going on, or how the mechanics of his world operate.

The Eye of the World Audiobook Free - Wheel of Time Book 1 by Robert Jordan
The Eye of the World Audiobook Free – The Wheel of Time Book 1 by Robert Jordan

The Eye of the World Audiobook is also a simpler novel than the following volumes. Much has been made of its similarities to The Lord of the Rings Audiobook, which Jordan’s insisted was a ploy to lead readers in with a comfortable story, only to pull the rug out from under them later in the series, and the similarities are certainly there: youths fleeing their quiet little village under the guidance of a magic user; ancient tree-like beings; terrifying once-men, cowled in black; dark lord’s and marching bands of baddies.

Much of the conflict in The Eye of the World Audiobook deals with things that go bump in the night rather than rooting itself in the political challenges that drive forth much of the story in the middle volumes. To Jordan’s credit, it’s nice to be introduced to his world through these familiar tropes, and this approach likely deserves a lot of credit for the series’ success, especially with a younger audience that’s since grown up alongside the series.

The plot of The Eye of the World Audiobook

This thrilling series begins in Emond’s Field, where we meet Rand al’Thor, Mat Cauthon, and Perrin Aybara. When their village is attacked by trollocs, monsters thought to be only legends, three young men, Rand, Matt, and Perrin, flee in the company of the Lady Moiraine, a sinister visitor of unsuspected powers. Thus begins an epic adventure set in a world of wonders and horror, where what was, what will be, and what is, may yet fall under the Shadow.

The journey is long and filled with peril and unforeseen obstacles. The group is tracked by Trollocks, Fades, and Darkfriends, managing to stay one-step ahead until they are forced apart at Shadar Logath. Eventually, the friends are reunited at Camelyn, where Loial the Ogier joins the group. Together, they journey onward to the Eye of the World and hope to thwart the Dark One’s plans.

Why should listen to The Eye of the World Audiobook?

Even if you do not read another book in the wheel of time series, the eye of the world is quite satisfying as a self-contained masterpiece as well. That being said, read the whole series! you will not regret it. The sweeping scope, masterful writing style, and epic story are unrivaled.

From the first paragraph, you will find yourself drawn in, and the fleshed out characters will keep you hooked. Robert Jordan takes a genre that is often not taken seriously and gives it literary credibility. Though he pays homage to his predecessors, like tolkien, in some of the imagery used, Jordan not only makes the world of fantasy his own, but sets a new standard and quality at which it can be enjoyed. get it.

Written by: Robert Jordan
Narrated by: Kate Reading , Michael Kramer
Length: 30 hrs and 2 mins
Series: The Wheel of Time Audiobook, Book 1
Publisher: Macmillan Audio

The Eye of the World Audiobook Free – The Wheel of Time 1 – END

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  1. Why is The Eye of the World book 1 TWOT cut up into so many short sections? Like 2-3 minutes each one meaning every few minutes I’ve got to press play ?. Very interesting story just very annoying


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