The Great Hunt Audiobook free – TWOT 2

Science Fiction & FantasyThe Great Hunt Audiobook free - TWOT 2
4.5/5 - (39 votes)
Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Robert Jordan
Narrator: Kate Reading, Michael Kramer
Series: The Wheel of Time
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Updated: 04/02/2024
Listening Time: 26 hrs and 8 mins
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Chasing Legends in The Great Hunt Audiobook: A Wheel of Time Turns

When I embarked on the journey of The Great Hunt Audiobook, I was not merely stepping into the second chapter of Robert Jordan’s expansive Wheel of Time series – I was diving headfirst into a cosmos brimming with lore, where every word spoken by Kate Reading and Michael Kramer seemed to resonate with the weight of ages past. This audiobook doesn’t just tell a story; it weaves a tapestry of myths reborn and legends rekindled.

From the very first syllable, The Great Hunt grips you with an anticipation that is palpable. It’s not just the narrative itself that captivates, but also how Reading and Kramer breathe life into each character, each scene. As an audiobook aficionado and former author, I’ve always believed that a narrator can make or break a story. Here, they don’t just narrate; they transport you to a world where the fabric of reality is as mutable as the wind.

Robert Jordan’s writing is intellectual, often challenging, but always rewarding. His skill lies in his ability to craft a universe so intricate that you feel its history coursing through your veins as you listen. The quest for the Horn of Valere – the horn capable of summoning heroes from beyond the grave – takes on an urgency in this audiobook that even surpasses the written word. You can hear the tension in each pause, feel the desperation in every chapter as the relic that could change the fate of the world slips through our heroes’ fingers.

But it’s not just about the hunt for a mythical horn; it’s about how legends are born and die, how they’re remembered and forgotten. Jordan’s narrative philosophy mirrors this cycle – a constant turning wheel – and Reading and Kramer exemplify this through their performance. The way they shift their tones to match the ebbs and flows of memory and myth within the story is nothing short of mesmerizing.

As someone who has spent countless hours buried in books before embracing audiobooks, I understand how daunting it can be to adapt such rich material for audio. Yet The Great Hunt Audiobook rises to this challenge magnificently. Each character – from Rand al’Thor to Moiraine Damodred – is given such depth and nuance that you can’t help but become emotionally invested in their fates.

The pacing is deliberate, reflective of Jordan’s layered storytelling style, yet it never feels sluggish. There are moments when you’re on edge, almost holding your breath as you wait for what will happen next; then there are times when you’re swept away by lush descriptions of a world so vast it seems real enough to step into.

As I closed off my listening experience with The Great Hunt, I was left with a profound sense of satisfaction – a feeling shared by legions of fans who have found themselves entranced by Jordan’s work. Whether it be The Eye of the World, The Shadow Rising, or any other installment in this saga, there’s no denying that this series has carved out a special place in literature – and now in audiobooks too.

For those looking to embark on an epic adventure without ever leaving their homes, The Great Hunt Audiobook is available at It’s an opportunity not just to listen to a book but to experience a masterpiece brought vividly to life through sound.

Looking forward to our next foray into storyscapes – happy listening!


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  1. This new design makes it impossible to fast forward chapters. So I’ve got to listen to 23mins again just to get to where I was????


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