The Dragon Reborn Audiobook Free – TWOT 3

Science Fiction & FantasyThe Dragon Reborn Audiobook Free - TWOT 3
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Robert Jordan
Narrator: Kate Reading, Michael Kramer
Series: The Wheel of Time
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Updated: 19/02/2024
Listening Time: 24 hours 52 minutes
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  • Soulful_Exploration
  • The Dragon Reborn - Prologue - Fortress of the Light-683409374
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 01_56 - Waiting-683409347
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 02_56 - Saidin-683409260
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 03_56 - News from the Plain-683409227
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 04_56 - Shadows Sleeping-683409185
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 05_56 - Nightmares Walking-683409149
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 06_56 - The Hunt Begins-683409119
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 07_56 - The Way Out of the Mountains-683409077
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 08_56 - Jarra-683409059
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 09_56 - Wolf Dreams-683409029
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 10_56 - Secrets-683408993
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 11_56 - Tar Valon-683408948
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 12_56 - The Amyrlin Seat-683408915
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 13_56 - Punishments-683408870
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 14_56 - The Bite of the Thorn-683408825
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 15_56 - The Gray Man-683408795
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 16_56 - Hunters Three-683408747
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 17_56 - The Red Sister-683408699
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 18_56 - Healing-683408663
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 19_56 - Awakening-683408606
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 20_56 - Visitations-683408588
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 21_56 - A World of Dreams-683408543
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 22_56 - The Price of the Ring-683408489
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 23_56 - Sealed-683408459
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 24_56 - Scouting and Discoveries-683408432
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 25_56 - Questions-683408366
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 26_56 - Behind a Lock-683408306
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 27_56 - Tel'aran'rhiod-683408267
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 28_56 - A Way Out-683408222
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 29_56 - A Trap to Spring-683408174
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 30_56 - The First Toss-683408126
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 31_56 - The Woman of Tanchico-683408075
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 32_56 - The First Ship-683408033
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 33_56 - Within the Weave-683408003
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 34_56 - A Different Dance-683407913
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 35_56 - The Falcon-683407841
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 36_56 - Daughter of the Night-683407790
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 37_56 - Fires in Cairhien-683407733
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 38_56 - Maidens of the Spear-683407676
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 39_56 - Threads in the Pattern-683407631
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 40_56 - A Hero in the Night-683407592
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 41_56 - A Hunter's Oath-683407547
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 42_56 - Easing the Badger-683407493
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 43_56 - Shadowbrothers-683407445
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 44_56 - Hunted-683407421
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 45_56 - Caemlyn-683407385
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 46_56 - A Message Out of the Shadow-683407364
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 47_56 - To Race the Shadow-683407340
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 48_56 - Following the Craft-683407319
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 49_56 - A Storm in Tear-683407283
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 50_56 - The Hammer-683407193
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 51_56 - Bait for the Net-683407121
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 52_56 - In Search of a Remedy-683407055
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 53_56 - A Flow of Spirit-683406983
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 54_56 - Into the Stone-683406929
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 55_56 - What Is Written in Prophecy-683406869
  • The Dragon Reborn - Chapter 56_56 - People of the Dragon-683406755

Resonance of Destiny: The Dragon Reborn Audiobook – A Symphony of Power and Prophecy

As the soft hum of my headphones began to fill the space around me, I felt a familiar thrill – the anticipation of embarking on an epic journey through sound and story. The Dragon Reborn Audiobook beckoned me into Robert Jordan’s expansive world, where the threads of destiny weave a tapestry as complex as it is captivating. With Kate Reading and Michael Kramer’s voices as my guides, I settled in for an auditory odyssey that promised to be nothing short of magical.

The Dragon Reborn is not just another chapter in the Wheel of Time series; it is a crescendo of narrative prowess, a testament to Jordan’s skill in crafting a universe that feels as vast as it is intricate. The tale follows Rand Al-Thor, known as the Dragon Reborn, who grapples with the weighty mantle of prophecy and power that both elevates and isolates him. His struggle to control the One Power – an elemental force that threatens to consume him – is a dance with destiny that captivates from start to finish.

Kate Reading and Michael Kramer perform this audiobook with a grace that can only be described as artistry. Their voices are more than mere narrators; they are the very souls of the characters they portray. Every inflection and tone breathes life into Jordan’s words, painting scenes so vividly that I found myself lost within them. The duo’s performance during the 24-hour duration was not just entertainment; it was an experience – a masterclass in audiobook narration.

Jordan’s world-building is unparalleled, each description rich with detail that constructs realms beyond imagination. As Rand journeys toward his fated confrontation with the Dark One, we are introduced to lands steeped in lore and cultures crafted with painstaking care. It is in these moments – when Jordan’s prose intertwines with Reading and Kramer’s emotive delivery – that the audiobook medium shines brightest.

There were passages where I lingered, rewinding just to let the words wash over me again, savoring their impact. Whether it was a battle scene delivered with heart-pounding intensity or a quiet moment of introspection voiced with delicate nuance, each segment left its mark upon my listener’s heart.

While Rand stands at the core of this saga, he is surrounded by a cast of characters so diverse and deeply realized that they each carry part of the story’s soul. Their individual paths are fraught with challenges that test their courage and resolve – mirroring Rand’s own tumultuous journey – and through them, we explore themes of identity, loyalty, and sacrifice.

For those yet unacquainted with Jordan’s work beyond The Dragon Reborn Audiobook, I implore you to visit The Shadow Rising and The Eye of the World. Each installment serves not merely as a continuation but as an expansion – a deepening dive into a universe where fiction feels like history unwritten.

And when you find yourself at audiobook’s end – as I did – you may feel both satisfaction at the journey completed and yearning for what lies ahead. For every conclusion within these tales is but a prelude to greater mysteries and adventures yet unfurled.

Should you wish to partake in this feast for the imagination, know that The Dragon Reborn Audiobook awaits your discovery on – ready to transport you into realms where fantasy becomes your reality.

As for me? I close this chapter with eyes alight with wonder and ears still echoing with the remnants of Reading and Kramer’s storytelling prowess. Happy listening indeed – and until our paths cross again in another tale’s embrace, keep turning pages – even if they’re audible ones.


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  1. Is there a way to download the soundcloud files from this page? Ideally Id like to download and be able to list at 1.25 or 1.5x playback

  2. here is a problem in chapter 24 – Scouting and Discoveries. The audiofile end early, before the chapter sound actually end. Miss the Matt vs Galad and Gaywin fight 🙁 Thanks for your site though

  3. 25. Chapter 24 – Scouting and Discoveries is an incomplete file. I checked my copy of the book and your chapter simply ends part way through. Since it appears you have already re-uploaded the chapter you may have a problem with your source file.

  4. There is an error that started happening today where only have of the chapters are showing up, and they arent even in order! Please help!

    • Please wait until the player show the lenght of chapter, ex: 14:50 instead of 00:00 . Just checked, working well with me.


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