The Path of Daggers Audiobook free – TWOT 8

Science Fiction & FantasyThe Path of Daggers Audiobook free - TWOT 8
4.8/5 - (33 votes)
Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Robert Jordan
Narrator: Kate Reading, Michael Kramer
Series: The Wheel of Time
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Updated: 04/02/2024
Listening Time: 23 hrs and 29 mins
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  • Soulful_Exploration
  • Chapter 00 - Prologue - Deceptive Appearances
  • Chapter 01 - To Keep the Bargain
  • Chapter 02 - Unweaving
  • Chapter 03 - A Pleasant Ride
  • Chapter 04 - A Quiet Place
  • Chapter 05 - The Breaking Storm
  • Chapter 06 - Threads
  • Chapter 07 - A Goatpen
  • Chapter 08 - A Simple Country Woman
  • Chapter 09 - Tangles
  • Chapter 10 - Changes
  • Chapter 11 - Questions and an Oath
  • Chapter 12 - New Alliances
  • Chapter 13 - Floating Like Snow
  • Chapter 14 - Message from the M'Hael
  • Chapter 15 - Stronger than Written Law
  • Chapter 16 - Unexpected Absences
  • Chapter 17 - Out on the Ice
  • Chapter 18 - A Peculiar Calling
  • Chapter 19 - The Law
  • Chapter 20 - Into Andor
  • Chapter 21 - Answering the Summons
  • Chapter 22 - Gathering Clouds
  • Chapter 23 - Fog of War Storm of Battle
  • Chapter 24 - A Time for Iron
  • Chapter 25 - An Unwelcome Return
  • Chapter 26 - The Extra Bit
  • Chapter 27 - The Bargain
  • Chapter 28 - Crimsonthorn
  • Chapter 29 - A Cup of Sleep
  • Chapter 30 - Beginnings
  • Chapter 31 - After
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Path of Daggers Audiobook: The Unyielding Spiral of Destiny

As I nestled into my favorite armchair, headphones in place, the familiar voices of Michael Kramer and Kate Reading welcomed me back into a world that has become as real to me as my own. The Path of Daggers Audiobook promised another leg of the epic journey that Robert Jordan has masterfully woven. With each word and every turn, I braced myself for the unraveling of destinies and the clash of wills that have come to define the Wheel of Time series.

Robert Jordan’s Path of Daggers, the eighth volume in the Wheel of Time series, plunges us deeper into a saga where the horizon of finality seems ever elusive. As an aficionado of intricate fantasy worlds, I have come to expect this dance with uncertainty, but Jordan continues to surprise with his layered storytelling. The audiobook format brings a renewed vivacity to the tale, with Kramer and Reading delivering performances that are nothing short of spellbinding.

The narrative threads weave together a tapestry where Seanchan’s victory casts a shadow over our protagonists’ fates. Nynaeve and Elayne’s flight to Caemlyn is fraught with peril and political intrigue. Caemlyn isn’t just a refuge; it’s Elayne’s inheritance – a kingdom awaiting its queen amidst turmoil. Their journey isn’t simply geographical; it’s an exploration into the depths of their resilience and adaptability.

Jordan excels in creating characters that are both flawed and formidable, ensuring that listeners remain invested in their plights. The introduction of new evils – a staple in this series – adds complexity rather than confusion, showing Jordan’s deft hand at expanding his universe without losing sight of its core.

Kramer and Reading rise to the occasion once more, their voices now synonymous with the characters they portray. They bring texture to each personality, from Rand’s weariness to Nynaeve’s fiery spirit. Their narration doesn’t just tell a story; it conjures an experience – an auditory spectacle that enriches every twist and turn.

Rand al’Thor’s journey embodies the eternal struggle between duty and desire. His weariness is palpable as he grapples with prophecies and power struggles, his path less about conquest than survival. Kramer captures this existential fatigue brilliantly, ensuring that Rand remains relatable despite his otherworldly burdens.

As Path of Daggers drew to its close, I found myself reflecting on the grand tapestry that Jordan continues to weave – one where even threads that seem frayed contribute to the overall design. This installment may not conclude arcs or offer resolutions, but it deepens our understanding of this complex world and its inhabitants.

The Wheel turns relentlessly on, with each character caught in its inexorable spin. And yet, there is beauty in their struggle – a testament to Jordan’s vision and his narrators’ craft. As a listener, I am both witness and companion on this journey through soundscapes rich with magic and human spirit.

For those seeking to embark on this auditory odyssey themselves, Path of Daggers Audiobook awaits at – a treasure trove for anyone eager to delve into realms unseen but vividly heard.

As one adventure concludes, another beckons from beyond the horizon. My hunger for these narrative voyages is unquenchable; my ear tuned for the next call to arms – or rather – to ears. Until then, fellow travelers, happy listening.





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  1. Player won’t load just keep getting a Error This content failed to load message on the player. I own all the books in the wheel of time series and have re read them numerous times and find that I am enjoying them even more listening to them as I re read them again. Thank you for doing this Stephen it is greatly appreciated.

    • I believe it’s the website. I’ve been listening the past couple weeks when I can’t reread the books while working or driving, and since book 2 I’ve had various problems. Sometimes chapters go missing, sometimes I’ll finish a chapter then the player stops responding and won’t start any chapter. Probably just more people listening than their server can handle.

  2. It seems to be loading again.. it has been doing this on and off for a few days now.. ever since the day those chapters had to be reloaded.

    Btw i really appreciate your work on this website.. I do own these books but cant bring them to work, so its nice to be able to listen to them there 🙂 Thank you for everything!

    • Got in! Nvm i think. Thank you so much! I do own all these books but some are falling to pieces from heavy use in my childhood. Thank you!


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