Night and Fae Audiobook – Vegas Fae #5

Science Fiction & FantasyNight and Fae Audiobook - Vegas Fae #5
5/5 - (1 vote)
Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Tom Keller
Narrator: Andrew Troth
Series: The Vegas Fae Audiobook
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Updated: 12/12/2023
Listening Time: Unknown
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Night and Fae Audiobook Streaming Online By Tom Kellera

From the author of Return of the High Fae, Night and Fae Audiobook is audiobook five of the Vegas Fae stories. Another great audiobook that will magically sweep you up and transfer you to world you can’t help but love.

Plot Summary

Ex-cop and PI Robert Hoskins didn’t think twice when an old friend needed help. But little did he know where the evidence would lead him when he dug deeper into the case.

Demons, dragons, monsters and fallen angels are only the tip of the iceberg when his old enemy escapes from Tartarus and seeks her revenge. There are wars to be waged and enemies galore as an ancient prophesy resurfaces and the universe attempts to seek balance.

Even the Gods will step down from the heavens when bloodlines are revealed and Robert faces off with the dark High Fae in an epic battle that will shake the very foundation of the Fae worlds.

About the Author

Tom Keller is a retired cop and former computer forensic expert who’s also spent time as a Federal Public Defender investigator. Back in the early days he was a busboy, a cook, and a shoe and real estate salesman. He’s taught courses at the local Community College as well as lectured to others in his field on a variety of topics.

Audiobook Reviews

Story: A remarkable tale, this audiobook is chock full of interesting characters. I really appreciate the way he handles the sex scenes he sets it up then leaves it up to the listener to infer,its like the black and white movies you see the two stars kissing and the next scene they are in bed under the covers.

Night and Fae Audiobook Mp3 provided a great escape on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It took my mind far beyond the reality of the cold drizzle outside my window. It was a nicely written tale with well developed characters.

Narrator: Andrew Troth does a decent job with different characters but has an odd cadence to his speech which is off-putting at first.

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