Midnight Tides Audiobook – The Malazan Book of the Fallen #5

UncategorizedMidnight Tides Audiobook - The Malazan Book of the Fallen #5
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Steven Erikson
Narrator: Michael Page
Series: The Malazan Book of the Fallen
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Updated: 05/02/2024
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Midnight Tides Audiobook: A Symphony of Shadows and Power

As I nestled into my favorite armchair, headphones ready, the weight of anticipation settled over me. I was about to dive into Midnight Tides, the fifth tome in Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen series. This wasn’t just another audiobook; it was a journey into an intricate universe where gods play with the fates of mortals, and every shadow could be a story waiting to unfold.

Michael Page’s voice greeted me like an old friend, his cadence a familiar comfort from previous installments such as House of Chains. The opening scenes painted a vivid picture: tribes long at war now bound by fragile ties, a peace bought at an unspeakable cost. Page’s narration brought life to this world of precarious alliances and hidden threats. His mastery over the diverse cast of characters – each with their own intricate backstories and motivations – was nothing short of aural artistry.

Erikson’s storytelling is an elaborate tapestry, woven with threads of fantasy and echoes of real-world empires. In Midnight Tides, he crafts a narrative that is as much about the machinations of power as it is about the personal struggles of those caught within them. As tribes unite and kingdoms expand, you’re drawn into a tale that explores the complexities of conquest and culture.

The dance between author and narrator is seamless. Erikson provides the prose rich with lore and landscapes that stretch beyond imagination, while Page interprets these with a nuanced performance that captures each whisper of treachery, each roar of battle. Together, they create an experience that transcends mere storytelling – it’s an immersion.

Throughout my listening experience, I found myself pausing to reflect on how Midnight Tides resonated with my own understanding of history’s empires and their insatiable appetites. It was more than entertainment; it was a reflection on humanity itself. Each plot twist, each revealed secret felt like peeling back layers not just of a fictional realm but also our own societal constructs.

As the final chapters approached, I felt both satisfaction and sorrow – the former for having witnessed such an epic unfold through Michael Page’s compelling narration, the latter for knowing that this part of the journey was nearing its end. But even as one tale concludes, Erikson ensures that you’re left yearning for more, eager to discover what lies beyond this segment of the vast Malazan odyssey.

For those who seek to embark on this sonic adventure themselves, Midnight Tides awaits at Audiobooks4soul.com – a portal to this fantastical world where you can indulge without constraint in Erikson’s vision brought to life by Page’s voice.

Looking forward to our next foray into storyscapes – where gods may fall and heroes rise – I sign off with anticipation for what new realms we might explore together. Until then, Happy listening,


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Midnight Tides by Steven Erikson is now available in audible format, mp3 is more than 31 hours long, yet the narration by Michael Page, is so enticing that you get hooked instantly, and keeps you up at night listening!


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  1. Hi Stephen, can you please check on this book? It looks like not complete – missing around 8 hours after Chapter 20. hope it can be fixed, so i can complete this great book. Thanks!


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